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Release for a Girl

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This is written with the girl concerned at my side as I type. She wants to be on here, but I will not use her real name. Everything else is absolutely true.


I don't like sexual bullcrap. By that I mean the way we have allowed ourselves to be tied in knots about what we are or are not allowed to say to a girl. I am open and honest. If a girl does not want my advances, I never, but NEVER push it.

I was working in a large theatre today. There, to my surprise, I met a girl I know from my home town. Mel is on a college course in London. She is 18, and I know she comes from a very VERY strict Catholic family.

We recognised each other and we went to lunch together. We got over the 'Fancy meeting you here' part of the conversation and into this....

'I am so pleased to see you in London on your own Mel. I know you have been looking forward to flying the nest for a while now.'

'Yeah, but I haven't really flown the nest. I am only in London two days a week and I have to go home each day. I am as much under my parent's thumb as I ever was'

'But at least you can do whatever you like while you are in London, and WITH anyone you like'

You see, that was the problem. Poor Mel and her sisters are still forced to wear clothes that are FAR from fashionable and defninitely not about showing anything sexual. But I noticed a couple of changes in Mel. Still the same old drab clothes, but this time, she had her panties clearly showing over the top of her jeans. She also had no bra on by the amazing shape of her firm boobs against her t shirt.

'Humm not much change of THAT more's the pity' she said.

'So, given a free ticket, what WOULD you like?'

Mel thought it over for a while and said 'I don't want to go all the way, at least, I don't think I do, but I would like.... I would like.... OH FUCK IT.. I want someone ELSE to make me cum instead of my own fucking fingers!'

Such language! I had never heard this mild, soft-spoken girl use anything close to an expletive.

'Well, Mel. We live in a world where if a man makes an approach to a girl he is just as likely to get hit with a sexual harrassment complaint than anything else. So I'm afraid YOU need to pick a guy you trust and just ask him.'

Mel came back immediately with 'Will YOU do it?'

To cut a long story short, after I had made sure she really DID want me to make her cum, we found ourselves a really quiet and private place in a scenery store in the theatre, and there, I undid the buttons of her jeans while kissing her gently. By the time my hand got in her knickers she was already very wet. My finger slid between the moist folds and onto her clit so easilly and I began a gentle circling motion. Meanwhile, she had my cock out and was wanking it like she intended to break it off! I eased my finger further down and found her entrance. Not far beyond was the umistakable presence of her hymen. But I found that I could gently ease my finger through the hole and deep in her. This made her cum almost immediately and she urged me to go faster, and harder. Both of which I did. She yelped a little but seemed to be cumming pretty much constantly. When I pulled my finger away, there was blood on it so I guess I tore her a little. She didn't mind though. At that moment she made a man cum for the first time.

I suppose the burning question is 'did we?! Yes, I would have to say we did. And every Wednesday and Thursday, when I am in London we plan to meet up.



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