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Relax & Enjoy It

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Relax & Enjoy ItI just discovered this website and think it's great! I'm upset, though, by the teenage girls who wrote in talking about guilt or feelings they think are wrong or confusing. I was raised Catholic and attending weekly religion classes where the topic of masturbation was brought up every class and we (a co-ed class of about 25 fourteen year-olds) were told that it's wrong, we shouldn't do it, and that it would keep us from having a normal sex life in marriage. I'm only 31 so this crap is still being taught. The thing was I had already been masturbating regularly. Being told it was wrong only made me more curious about it because they weren't really saying WHY it was wrong and it didn't FEEL wrong.What I want to say to any girl or grown woman who feels guilty about giving herself pleasure or about the thoughts she's having while she's doing it is YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEEL GUILTY ABOUT! You are doing something very natural and you aren't hurting anyone --especially not yourself. I'm a psychology major and I've learned FACT-based evidence that proves sexual stimulation (specifically self-discovery) is essential to well-being. I encourage every guilty-feeling female to read what psychologists have to say on the subject. Thousands of doctors can't be wrong! Also, this website shows how many woman love this and how healthy and fulfilling it can be.To the girls disturbed by lesbian thoughts though not gay --you're FINE! There was a time when I could only achieve orgasm by thinking about women when I gave myself pleasure. Just because you think it, doesn't mean you want it to happen in real life. That's the great thing about fantasies! You can explore any possibility. The most important advice I can give to the guilt-ridden is this: Does it make you feel good? If the answer is yes, how can that be wrong? No one should dictate what you do in private by yourself, with yourself. Relax and enjoy! -Deb



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