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Relative Circle Jerk!

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Ever since making strides with Cynthia and Brianna getting them to feel relaxed about masturbating with them, we now look foward to even more erotic explorations.


Since my last contribution, Brianna and I have enjoyed a much more open relationship including being able to openly fondle and pleasure one another with the added excitement of being watched and/or joined by Cynthia and Frank.

We can enjoy a dinner toghether, then I can just stand up, walk right over to Cynthia or Brianna and start fondling either one of them which usually ends up with one or the other undoing my pants to get to my cock. Brianna has become an expert at giving handjobs thanks to Cynthia's instructions and Franks willingness to be the stunt cock.

I walked in on them enjoying each other one night when I heard some moans coming from the back media room. Well, the moans were from the television set. They were both naked and enjoying a hot fuck scene while masurbating each other. I stood in the doorway watching for only a few seconds when I felt a presense behind me reach around and grab my crotch.

Cynthia wasted no time undoing my pants, pulling my briefs down at the same time and stroking my cock right in front of Brianna and Frank. Brianna invited us to join them on the couch.

We traded partners so now Frank and Cynthia were eagerly enjoying each other while Brianna and I kissed and fondled one another passionately.

I used Brianna's firm, round, nubile ass to rub my cock on while she played with herself watching her parents masturbate together. Cynthia kept egging Brianna on with comments like 'Oh fuck yeah honey, let Uncle Victor fuck your crack with his hard dick! I want to see you run your soft little hands up and down his cock like mommy showed you!'

I looked over at Cynthia and asked her if she would like to have a cirle jerk. Frank was all about it since he REALLY enjoyed watching me jack off on Cynthia's tits last time. Brianna commented that she would love feeling her daddy's fingers working her pussy while watching her mommy work on Uncle Victor's beautiful veiny cock.

Well, we seated ouselves on the floor accordingly;

Frank first, then Brianna, myself then Cynthia. We made up some simple rules; we would first masturbate the person directly at our left for five minutes then switch and masturbate the person to our right for five minutes then switch and masturbate the person directly in front of you for five minutes then switch and finish masturbating with the person diagonally across you.

So if you think about it each person would jerk off and be jerked off by every other person! I would get to see Frank and Brianna masturbate each other, Cynthia and Brianna masturbate each other, Cynthia and I would masturbate together, Brianna and I would masturbate together, and finally Frank and I would stroke each other while the girls did the same!

Frank started by placing his hand between his daughter's legs, I grabbed Brianna's hand and wrapped around my boner, I started fingering Cynthia and she in turn wrapped her long silky finger around Franks wiener.

We all looked at each other as we began to give pleasure to one another. Cynthia really enjoyed watching Brianna's expressions of pleasure at the hands of her father. I must admit, getting a handjob from Brianna while her parents watched was making my dick ooze. Cynthia kept making moaning sounds while I fingered her and Frank was commenting that he couldn't wait to see Cynthia stroking my cock. Time to switch.

Cynthia jacking me off, I'm fingering Brianna, Brianna is jacking off Frank and Frank is fingering Cynthia. I'm really enjoying watching Brianna jack off her own dad, his dick seems more rigid for some reason and Cynthia comments that Frank has been getting stroked by Brianna for years. Brianna's hairless pussy feels sooo good in my hand and I am really enjoying the dirty talk from Cynthia as she continues to work on my dick (oooh, fuck yeah! feels soo good!) Cynthia's pussy is making a gushy sound as Frank works his fist in and out. Time to switch.

We realize that on the third round we would be masturbating the same partner again, so we just paired up for the final round! I haven't been jacked off by another male in years but I was sooo horny at the idea of watching mom and daughter go at it and so was Frank. I thought, what the hell...Cynthia seemed so demonically horny at the idea of watching two guys jack off together that we just had to see how nasty it could get between Cynthia and Brianna.

Holy crap! Best orgasm in the universe. We now make it a normal thing every time I visit. I can fondle my niece or sister-in-law when I like, get handjobs by either one or both, get to watch Frank do the same and can masturbate in front of them anytime I want.



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