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Reflection On Friendship - Part 3

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Part 3 in the series to complete the trilogy!

My friend Devin and I had been friends our whole lives. I loved hanging out with him at school and at his house. In the pool at his house, we had a lot of fun playing and splashing each other. In the summer when we both were 16, I received devastating news - Devin and his family would move to the other side of the country. Of course, I could still call him and visit him during holidays, but it would be a totally different vibe from being with each other practically every day.


I had found out the news just a few weeks before Devin’s family was going to move. His dad had accepted a high-paying job, but the condition was that he had to start work very soon. As shocked and saddened as I was to hear the news, I vowed to make the last few weeks between Devin and I memorable.



During the last week, we went to the local swimming pool almost every day. We now wore black colored swim briefs. Now that our bulges were almost adult-size, I guess we thought the dark color would hide it better than the red and blue colored ones we wore in our early teens. I tried my best to push the sad thoughts of Devin leaving out of my mind and just enjoy the time we had together. I remember after one session at the pool, in the change rooms, I watched Devin have a shower and had a quick flashing thought that if the change room wasn’t crowded I would just march into the shower cubicle with him, pull his swim briefs down and shower together with him!



The night before he was to leave, I was allowed to have a final sleepover at his house. I had packed my black swim briefs hoping we would have a nice long swim session in his pool, but Devin wasn’t feeling very well so we mostly just stayed in his room. After a nice family dinner, we played games on his computer and chatted well into the evening. We were about to get ready for bed, but as I looked through my bag and saw my black swimsuit, I thought what a waste it was that I packed it but didn’t get to use it that day. Then, I had an idea…



I held my black swim briefs to show Devin, and asked if he wanted to have some fun, like we did in our early teens. He nodded with a smile. I went over to his mirror wardrobe and found his black swim briefs. I then walked over to Devin’s bed - which he was lying down on - and playfully dropped his swim briefs on his face. It remained there for a few seconds before sliding off his face near his pillow. We both gave a light laugh while staring at each other.



I instructed Devin to change into his swim briefs and I would change into mine. As we pulled off our regular clothes and, eventually, our underwear, I noticed how much our penises had changed since childhood. No longer small and cute, both our dicks were now about 6 inches in size, thick, had low-hanging ballsacks, and a fair amount of pubes. As soon as we saw each other’s privates, our dicks began to rise. I’ve always loved watching a dick go from flaccid to completely erect, and the fact that this was my friend meant it felt extra special.



When we had taken off our underwear and slipped on our black swim briefs, I told Devin to lie back on his bed, face-up. As he was unwell, I was going to have to do most of the work. Devin fell back on his bed in a blissful state and closed his eyes. Meanwhile, I began to slide my hands over my friend’s smooth body. Being swimmers, we had fully shaved our bodies besides our pubic hair. I roamed my hand over his broad shoulders, hard chest and chiseled abs. I then rubbed my hands over his feet and worked my way up Devin’s body, feeling his toned legs. 



When I reached his crotch, I gave his throbbing bulge a light smack. Devin moaned softly and I could see his dick pulsating beneath his swim briefs. I then reached into his swim briefs so I could touch his dick, which made Devin moan slightly louder and grind his crotch into my hand. I was now fully hard and leaking and I guess soon Devin was too. I looked down at my bulge straining to be released from its tight swim brief prison and then over to Devin’s bulge. 



As if I was in a trance, I loosened the waistband of my swim briefs and pulled it down to just past my balls, exposing my dick to the air. I then got up and knelt down over Devin’s crotch - one leg on either side of his body, my feet pointing towards his head. I then grabbed my own dick with my right hand while my left hand opened the waistband of Devin’s swim briefs. I bent down and shoved my dick into his swim briefs.



It was a strange but heavenly feeling. Two 16-year-old dicks mashed together into one tight swim brief. We had masturbated next to each other before but had never done anything like this. I felt all sorts of emotions - excitement, guilt, fear and horniness all rolled into one. Devin was now moaning audibly and squirming his body beneath me. We moved and slid together, our dicks fused - Devin’s tip touching my balls while my tip touched his.



I would have loved to have said I lasted hours like this, but the truth was, I couldn’t hold it in for more than a minute. As I continued grinding into my best friend, all the memories of our past adventures came flooding back, as did the realization that this would be our last night together for a long while. With joy and sadness, I came and came into my friend’s swim briefs, filling them with hot white cum, dripping over his balls and flowing onto his bed.



Within seconds, Devin came as well. He shot rope after rope of cum towards his face and onto his stomach. When I released my dick from his briefs, we stared at each other and our near-naked, slippery bodies. Suddenly, Devin pulled me in for a hug, with a look of both thankfulness and sorrow in his eyes. As we hugged tightly, some of the cum on his body transferred to mine.



“Thanks a bunch, buddy. I’m going to miss you,” Devin said softly.




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