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Reflection On Friendship - Part 2

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A continuation of adventures with my friend Devin!

After jerking off with my friend Devin in front of a mirror at his house, I was excited to do something similar again. We both needed new swimsuits, so I suggested to Devin that early one Saturday morning we should go to the sports store at our local mall and buy some. I also suggested to him to wear his old light blue swim briefs as underwear when we went to the store, and I would wear my old red ones. He looked both curious and excited when I suggested this to him.


Saturday came and at 9am we entered the mall. I was wearing a white T-shirt with blue shorts while Devin was wearing a red T-shirt with black shorts. We both had white and blue flip-flops on. When we entered the sports store, we immediately made a beeline to the boys’ swimsuits. We were the only one in the store besides the staff, as it was still pretty early in the morning.



Devin and I both picked out a few swim briefs we liked and took them to the change rooms. I was about to enter a change room when Devin grabbed my wrist and followed me inside! While this took me by surprise, it wasn’t a big deal as no one was at the store to give us weird looks. Plus, it was exciting to be in the same change room as my friend!



As we entered the room and locked the door, I took a quick glance at our surroundings. The room was small and carpeted, with a large mirror directly opposite the door. There were racks to hang clothing on the walls between the door and mirror. It was a tight fit for both of us, but this just made me even more excited. I was semi-erect at this point, but as Devin and I took off our clothes to reveal our old swim briefs, I became fully hard. 



We pulled on the new swimsuits with their tags attached. With each swimsuit, we made poses in the mirror and gestures with our crotches. This made Devin and I both laugh. I became thinking horny thoughts being in a confined space with my near-naked friend. Eventually, we both settled on buying the same black and green swim brief. I thought how cool it would look for both of us to wear the same swim briefs while swimming in Devin’s pool.



Before we left the change room to buy our new swimsuits, I mentioned to Devin that we should have one last moment of fun with our old swimsuits. Devin grinned at me as he knew what I was suggesting. We stood back to back, butt to butt in the middle of the change room, with our regular clothes and swimsuits we had tried on scattered messily on the floor. Devin looked over his right shoulder and I looked over my left shoulder towards the change room mirror.



We knew people would be coming to the change rooms soon so we had to be quick. We rubbed our own boners in our old swimsuits - using our hands - like there was no tomorrow. As we rubbed quickly, our backs and butts slid up and down, squishing against each other. I managed to keep fairly quiet during all this, but when Devin started to make soft moaning sounds that he couldn’t help, I could feel myself getting ready to blow. Devin moaned again and my boner exploded, creaming the entire front of my old red swimsuit.



The impact was so sudden that my legs shook and I fell to my knees on the carpeted change room floor. Devin, still standing up, saw my soaked swim briefs in the mirror reflection and let out a soft squeal. Soon, I saw his body shake and his boner pulsate, shooting what seemed like a large amount of cum into his old light blue swim briefs. The front of his swim briefs instantly became wet, and he had cummed so much that a small stream of cum was leaking out of his swim briefs near his balls!



The stream flowed down Devin’s leg and a few drops landed on the floor. Devin looked super embarrassed at how much he had released but I just looked up and grinned at him, hopefully easing his embarrassment a bit. We cleaned up as best we could and pulled our shorts over our cum-soaked swim briefs. We then put on our T-shirts and picked up the new swimsuits we wanted to buy.



Another great reflection on friendship adventure!




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