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Recent Experience with an Inexperienced (intact!) Guy

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A brief encounter with an inexperienced guy after a night out at the bar with some of my best friends.

I've always had a thing (a fetish you could say) for the uncircumcised, natural, penis. After posting three stories earlier this year I have received so much positive feedback on my submissions (thank you for reading, SoloTouchers!). I don't go out of my way to date guys who are uncircumcised (I have been with cut guys too who can be terrific lovers), but I have ran into a few foreskins in my sexual adventures. The first penis I saw (and played with!) was uncut so I think that is why they turn me on. If you read my past stories it might make more sense. I promise to continue the last submissions for them, but I have been busy! Recently, I was out with a couple of friends at the bars for girls' night out. My friends are more outgoing than me and tend to be the life of the party. I am relatively reserved, until I get a few cocktails in me and then my reservations melt away. Anyway, we ended the night at a nice lounge/bar and I noticed that this group of three guys have been spying on our table. My friend (Heather) who is pretty crazy invited them over to sit with us. There was a quiet guy in the group that I instantly clicked with as we both sorta sat back and watched our drunkard friends slur their way through random conversations. I found out that Ethan (the guy I was sitting next to) recently graduated from a liberal arts school with a degree in chemistry. He was five years younger than me (I'm 27). We both just laughed all night at the circus that was our friends. As the night ended and last call was made we all decided to share a van-cab back to our respective dwellings. I am living alone right now and it turned out that Ethan lived a few miles away from me. His and my stops were last and we were left awkwardly in the van after dropping off Heather who stumbled into her apartment. We got to my place and I just blurted out that he should come inside (something I never do, musta been that last vodka cran). He hesitantly agreed. Back inside, I popped a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. We sat on my sofa and talked about college and his next plan. Then, out of the blue I got this sudden urge and moved next to him and placed my hand on his knee. We kept talking and flirting a bit then ended up making out for a while. I guided him to my room and started unbuttoning his shirt. I ended up straddling him in just my bra and boy-shorts and him with just some briefs on. His chest was quite defined with noticeable pecks and abs (and instant turn on). Ethan fumbled with my bra (which signaled to me of his lack of experience) and a moved my hand towards his bulge. He then shot his hand out and placed it on mine which I was just beginning to rub his shaft through his briefs. "Ellyse, I want you to know that I am pretty inexperienced and should let you know I am uncircumcised." I placed my finger on his lips and whispered, "shhh, don't worry." We continued kissing and I was sliding my hand under the elastic and wrapped my hand around his cock. It wasn't the biggest dick I've held in my hands, but the skin was so soft and inviting. I slid his briefs down and saw a well trimmed, half-erect, beautiful uncircumcised penis (about five inches). His foreskin was just slightly retracting over his swollen pinkish head. I moved back and straddled him, my pussy juice starting to soak through my boy-shorts. He began getting really hard as I started to slowly masturbate him. His foreskin now tightly gliding back and forth over his head as I serviced him with my hand. I started to grind my pelvis against his uncircumcised member and started to massage his testicles with my hand. His foreskin was leaking pre-cum and our breathing became heavy. I then reached my hand under my shorts and began rubbing my clit. My pussy was so wet and my pubic hair was soaked. Ethan pulled me down and starting sucking on my nipple. My breasts aren't that big and sometimes I get self-conscious, but he was so tender with his lips and tongue. Things were getting really heated. I was just about to slide my boy-shorts down and reach in my nightstand for a condom when I felt his balls tense up and sperm began pulsating from his penis. He let out a groan as he continued to spurt warm cum out of his foreskin tip. Ethan then began stammering and apologizing for "messing up." I told him not to worry and I was not even upset. Ethan insisted that he "orally" please me, but I get self-conscious when I don't shave or trim my pubes and didn't want him to lick me down there. He started to spoon me and I let him slip his hands under my boy-shorts and he started to finger me. My lips were still wet and his index finger slid deep inside my folds. I am pretty tight, but was so turned on that it felt pretty good. He wasn't the most skilled at masturbating me and kept jabbing my clit, Part of me still wanted to make love so I was hoping he was able to get erect again. I placed my hand around his flaccid penis as he masturbated me. His foreskin was loose and sticky with the cum from earlier. I glided his skin up and down. He started getting hard so I reached behind me and grabbed a condom from the drawer and tore it open. I continued to masturbate his penis and retracted his foreskin and placed the condom at the tip. His penis got limp again and I couldn't roll the condom down over his shaft. As a last ditch effort, I tried to orally bring him to erection but started to get turned off and lose interest. We ended up calling a cab and he went and I was left to myself. Luckily, I have a few toys and masturbated feverishly to the "ideal" situation I was hoping for. I guided my vibrator into my pussy and pretended it was Ethan's hard uncut cock penetrating me. I ground the palm of my hand against my clitoris just imagining that he was able to sustain an erection and satisfy my aching womanhood. So turned on by now that I got into doggy-style position (which I have barely experienced in real life!) and thrust my biggest dildo into me from behind and imagined it was his retracted foreskin pounding me into submission. I felt so good having a rock hard dildo open me up that I was actually dripping into my bed. I came so hard in that position and ended up going to bed exhausted. Ethan has been in contact with me over the past few weeks and I am thinking of giving him another chance. What do you think SoloTouch? Should I let him have one more try? Please leave comments on this story, send me messages, or just give me feedback. I enjoyed writing this story more than the actual experience I had with Ethan! Let me know if I should write more if we do "hook up" again!



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