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Re: Cum

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The following story is a result of reading a recent entry called 'Cum'. This entry is fairly similar to some of my own fantasies and has stuck in my mind. Here is what followed after I thought about the events in the story a little to much the other morning.I woke up to a slight tent in my boxers, probably due to the fact that it had been a few days since my last masturbation session. Whenever I masturbate I love to read stories, or at least remember ones i've read. (The reason I love this site). The story about this woman masturbating in her panties till they're soaked with her own cum quickly came to mind this morning. Her fantasy about making a guy wear her cum soaked panties gave me an idea. I climbed out of bed and got into my drawers searcher for that to tight pair of underwear. I found just what I was looking for. Quickly stripping off my boxers and putting on this underwear I thought I might add a bit more to this fantasy. I grabbed the sides of the underwear and pulled them between the cheeks of my ass, imagining this woman was making me wear a thong of hers. After sitting down in front of my door, which is a security measure so no one can walk in on me, I slipped my hand into the rather constricting underwear and prepared my fantasy.The woman was sitting naked in front of me, with her legs spread wide. She was rubbing her clit and pumping fingers in and out of her tight wet pussy, her moans and the sounds of her fingers squelching inside her pussy, filling the air. She was getting off on seeing me in a pair of her cum soaked panties and urging me to masturbate for her and fill them with my cum.As this was playing through my head, my hand slid down my body and underneath the cotton underwear. The fingers wrapped around the stiff shaft of my cock and I started pumping my hand in a quick pistoning motion up and down. As I pulled myself through the underwear, it pulled the material deeper into the crack of my ass, which added to the pleasure of stroking my erect cock. Pre cum had soon formed a soaked patch on the underwear which quickly in my mind, became her cum.My breathing had become ragged now and a flush had spread up my body. The last thought before I shot into a lovely climax was of this woman, pounding her fingers deep into her pussy and pinching her clit, while she moaned loudly that she was cumming for me. It hit me right then as she moaned she was cumming, the quick spread of pleasure up through your spine and the rhythmic pulsing of your genitals. Cum squirted in large globs from the head of my cock and coated the underwear, the whole front of it was soaked through with my cum. The orgasm raced through my body and filled me with intense pleasure and I gasped in a quick breath of air. The pulsing of my cock stopped and the last of my cum dribbled into the soaked part of my underwear, I came down from that intense pleasure and smiled to myself, before quickly cleaning them up the best I could and throwing them in the washing machine.This is definitely something i'll remember for a fair while and may even try the experience again, maybe next time with a real girl there. Thank you very much fantasy woman, (commonly know as author of 'Cum') you gave me a very great masturbation session.Happy Cumming everyone!Nick



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