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Ray?s Turn To Drive.

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This event skips over several other stories between the time I first got my licence and this time when Ray was getting his.


So it came time for Ray to get his licence and I was tasked by his parents to supervise his practice driving so he can clock up on his driving logbook before he would be permitted to take the driving test. On one occasion we drove along this riverside road with the windows down and we were both getting excited by the freedom and the ability to just up and go and be ourselves away from everyone else. He took the car off into a secluded spot by the river and we began watching the river run it’s course. A bit later he played some porn on his phone and that got us even more excited. 


We pulled our pants down and pulled our shirts off. We then started to gently stroke ourselves idly as we watched the scene unfold. Not long after he moved his left hand over and cupped my right hand, interlacing his fingers with mine as I jacked off. The feeling was incredible, like being one but two giving pleasure to my most manly parts. I then brought my left hand over his followed by pulling my right hand off my engorged meat continuing the jacking motion. I brought my freed right hand over to his cock, clasping it while pressing my palm on his fingers. We tandem jacked in time to our breathes and mounting arousal. He leant into me and started kissing-sucking on my deltoids which I flexed to give him more pleasure. I leant closer and nuzzled at his temple and hair. We where now thrusting and humping upwards, the car gently rocking with the motion of our efforts.


As the moans on the clip rose to a climax we also began the rise to our point of now return. I moved my hand from clasping his to interlacing my fingers with his and we looked into each other’s eyes agreeing to consummate this tethered together, chests heaving fingers moist with sweat and pre. We were breathing from our mouths, video clip forgotten and he puffs, “you ready?” I breathe back an “uhuh” and we began a dizzying explosion of jizzing. 




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