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Quiet Pleasure

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When I was in high school, about the time I was 16, and at the height of my self induced peter pleasure, my classmates talked openly about their masturbating, but I kept my mouth shut. The reason was that when I was 12, I had been in a circle jerk with 3 other boys, and produced by far the largest load of our contest. Although everyone was sworn to secrecy, someone blabbed, and the next day all the boys were talking about me. I was given the nick name squirt king. After that, I didn't talk about masturbation in a group again or join in circle jerks.
A boy in my 10th grade PE class, who was another shutmouth, always showered with me, and kept inviting me to sleep over at his house on the weekends. I finally accepted one weekend when his family planned to spend the time from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon visiting relatives out of town. After supper on Friday, his family left, and we had the house to ourselves. Bob (my friend's name)suggested skinny dipping which didn't surprise me since we had seen each other naked many times in gym class. We swam for about an hour when he suggested that we go inside, have a coke, and watch TV. I agreed; we dried off, wrapped towels around or waists, went into the den, and turned on HBO. There was a movie showing with a lot of sex scenes in it which promptly got us hard. After about 15 minutes of this, Bob turned to me, said that he couldn't take anymore of the movie without relief, and would I mind if he jacked off. I was surprised, but said that I would not mind. He removed his towel; I saw his raging hard pecker which he began to stroke. I watched for a few minutes, and joined him. Both of us had good orgasms after about 10 minutes of jacking. When we came down from our highs, Bob said that he always thought I was a serious masturbator although I never talked about it because he noticed when I was naked in our PE class that my pecker had the reddish look of a well spanked monkey. Next he asked me how often I gave peter his pleasure. I told him the truth which was about 15 to 20 times a week. He admitted he did it about as much. Then he admitted that he had to find out if his opinion of me was accurate which is the reason he invited me to spend he weekend with him.



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