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Quicky Delight

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It was a simple night. James was home only for the day, and we were meeting up to chat. At some point I exclaimed "suck it" and he replied "I'd like that", but I brushed over it not thinking anything of it. After a while longer, I asked if he was serious, and he said ya! It just so happened that my house was empty that night, so I drove us back to my house, I had a semi hard on the whole ride home in anticipation. Once we got to my house we made it up stairs to my room and I pulled up a couple of vids I had saved up for him. We began feeling each other up as the video went on. Once the video ended, we began to take off our pants and once we got into our boxer-briefs we began to focus on the other a bit more, making each other harder and straining more with each grab of the sac. Mine was the first out as James began giving it a nice rubbing. Soon after I got James' out and admired his cut dick and even slapped it against his belly, my favorite sound. Things got more intense as we gave each other some oral, but skimming right along over that amazing time, it was time to change positions. I stayed standing up as James straddled himself towards me taking up room on my desk and shoving things out of the way to make room for his body. I was happy to take him at any angle and was just enjoying the moment. Things got more heated, in fact, I was about to blow any second, but I had to get James ready. I was determined to have us cum together. Ultimately we ended up on my bed with him straddling me as I grabbed his dick from the underside. I decided to throw him a loop and rubbed in some lube which made his face turn from pleasure to ecstasy. I was about ready to blow and I still had a bit to go with James. I looked up at him and saw him enjoying this and felt him humping my hand as I gave him a squelchy handjob and I couldn't take anymore. I uttered "I'm cumming" and I shot cum so far, probably the furthest ever, James even said "whoa!" I was moving past that now, it was time to get James a goodnight gesture. I just kept jacking him him going a bit faster and faster making the squelches louder and louder on his hard dick. His face became more relaxed and he humped my hand even more passionately until he began to grunt slightly and before I knew it I had him cumming on his chest, pubes, and even a spurt on his shirt. It was short, quick, and to the point, but it was hot. This will be a quickie to remember.



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