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Quickies Can Be Fun

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Sometimes you're in a hurry

"I just want to fuck you."  His hands had already gone to tug at his tie while he switched his weight from foot to foot to kick his shoes off. "I want to watch my cock sink into you, then I want to fuck you hard."

She was struggling to breathe. The thrill of excitement that rushed through her body at his words taking her breath away. Watching him, listening to him, she felt that delicious ache begin between her legs.

His eyes never left her as he undressed; her gaze devoured every inch of skin that he revealed. Frantically, she yanked her top over her head and shoved her jeans over her hips and kicked them off across the room.

"I want that," she panted.

"Oh yeah, I know you do." That sexy smile: holy shit, she'd never wanted to jump on someone so badly in her life.

His blue tie lay on the floor at his feet, his shirt was hanging open but he was struggling with the buttons on his cuffs.

She hurried to him in her underwear and smacked his hand away, "Let me do that, get your trousers off."

His free hand went down to his belt; she heard it clink open as she managed to open the fiddly cuff button. Her hands made quick work of the shirt and it fell to the carpet.

It was the stark hunger in his eyes that made her so wet every time. "Get naked, Sugar, unless you want me to rip those panties off you."

"Okay," she croaked out, wrangling her bra over her head and then frantically yanking her panties off. The cool air hit her hot skin and she nearly moaned as her nipples tightened. "Hurry!"

"Oh shit, just look at you," he moaned. "All day, all I could think about was getting you naked and fucking you." His trousers dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them towards her.

"Me too," she gasped. "I've been wet and wanting you since we talked last night." She couldn't keep her eyes off the bulge in his tight boxers. His cock was glorious; her mouth watered thinking about it. Later though...now they just needed to take the edge off.

"Get them off!" she demanded, anxiously holding herself back. She wanted him completely naked before she touched him.

He pulled the elastic waist down and over his hard cock. It rose up thick, hard, and so long it nearly touched his tummy button. He took hold of himself, quickly pumping the length of his cock before he let go with a desperate moan.

That was her cue: she launched herself at him. He caught her with his hands full of her arse, laughing as they fell backwards onto the bed.

His big hands roamed the length of the body, every stroke making her arch her back in delight. They kissed, falling into a familiar rhythm. He took hold of her thighs, spreading her wide and guiding his cock to her drenched pussy.

"In you--now!"

She lifted her hips, positioned herself and dropped onto his cock taking him in one swift movement. They moaned in unison, she rocked a few times but it wasn't enough tonight. He held her as he rolled her underneath him.

"Nice and wide, baby." He pulled out and fucked back into her so hard her breasts bounced and she lifted her arm to brace it against the wall.

"Need you to feel it... know that I missed you."

"I do. Oh fucking hell, like that..." Her words trailed off as she literally hung on for the ride. Watching his beautiful body pound into hers, she felt power course through her body.

"Touch yourself... need to cum."

Her free hand landed between their hot, sweaty bodies; her fingers covering her clit, she immediately began to rub and stroke herself. She knew it wouldn't take long. She loved the feel of his cock inside her as she took control of her orgasm. She knew just how to touch herself so they got off at the same time.

"Now," he said, as he looked down at her fingers and his cock moving in and out of her body.

"Yes!" Her hips jerked off the bed, her head arching back as she clamped down on his cock.

His head dropped, letting out a long desperate groan every muscle tensed and straining for it.

Gritting her teeth, she hissed out the breath she'd been holding and felt every tendon and muscle in her body suddenly relax as she collapsed back onto the bed.

He followed her down, covering her completely. She held onto him, loving the weight of him, knowing he would move soon.



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