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Quick Jerk By My Wife's Doctor

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My girlfriend's visit to the doctor turns into an excellent hand-job with a great view.


I have always gone to woman doctors since I finished college. I feel much more comfortable with a woman doctor. From the first day that my girlfriend and I moved in together, we stopped using protection and tried to conceive. When she still was not pregnant after a year, she talked to her general practioner. When still nothing had happened after 18 months, the 'gp' referred her to a gynecologist.

I went with her to the appointment and stayed in the waiting room. After her consultation and examination (and I was already getting hard just thinking about her pussy being slathered with KY lube), unexpectedly the gynecologist called me into her examining room and closed and locked the door.

Her opening words were, 'Drop your pants.'

I immediately did as I was told. My half-hard cock was already sticking out of the fly of my boxers. She said, 'I need a semen sample,' and began to stroke my cock. With her other hand, she turned on the faucet at her sink and then picked up a condom package from the countertop. She tore the wrapper open with her teeth, then put the condom under the running water. She slipped it onto me more-deftly than any woman ever had. She continued stroking me, and the warm water in the condom felt absolutely heavenly; just like a pussy but with a better grip.

Now, I am a very open person and don't mind talking about sex with anyone, especially a doctor. This lady doctor was your average married woman, wedding ring, nice rounded figure with a pleasant appearance. I am a lot older than my girlfriend, and this doctor was closer to my own age, perhaps even older, which I found sexy and attractive. 'In Praise of Older Women,' used to me my motto.

We were standing there, me with my cock in her hand, looking into each other's eyes. As she was milking me, she asked about our sex life. Were we having any difficulties? No. Did I still masturbate? Yes. Was I performing ok or having any problems? No. As I said, I'm comfortable around women doctors.

'I can't seem to get off,' I said.

'All the time? Or just now?' she asked.

'Just now,' I replied.

She released her grip on me,and took off her lab coat. She pulled off her sweater over her head, and then she unclasped her bra at the front and let the halves fall apart. This exposed her magnificent breasts, quite large and with beautiful full dark nipples. She placed her hands under her breasts, then ran her palms upward over her nipples,which instantly stiffened. There they were, out in the open for me to enjoy.

'Don't touch,' she said. 'Take off your boxers, I want to examine the rest of your cock, and your testicles.' I dropped my shorts. She grasped my nuts with one hand and with the other, she commenced milking me. Now, when a woman holds your balls in her hand, it's kind of difficult to not get very aroused! I was definitely getting very, very turned on, even though it was very professional.

I couldn't take my eyes off her breasts although I knew she was looking at my eyes. In less than ten seconds, I blew my load. I was still panting when she ripped off the condom. At least,it felt like she ripped it off, along with a layer of skin. I was dribbling on the floor and reached for a tissue from the box.

She was all business at that point, placing the condom on the counter and turning away from me to get dressed. I was still mopping up when she said, 'Come over here.'

She moved across the room to the microscope with condom in hand and began to prepare a slide from the contents of the condom. She put it onto the stage, looked through the lens, focused, and then stepped back.

'Take a look,' she said.

I looked through the binocular eyepieces and saw hundreds of 'tadpoles' swimming. She said, 'Those are high-quality sperm. Just go home and fuck her every second or third day. You'll be parents in no time.'

We had a 'bun in the oven' within four months. The 'bun' is 18 years old now, and has three siblings. That hand-job was worth it.



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