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Putting on a Show

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When I was 15 my friend 'Rob' and I would walk to school together most mornings. I was usually tardy -- often he would arrive at my house but I would be nowhere near ready. He had no trouble getting up and got in the habit of coming around very early to make me hustle. One time he arrived and I was still in bed. My mother sent him to wake me and he walked in and pulled the covers off me. I was already awake but just couldn't motivate myself to get up. I could tell he was trying not to look at my boner sticking up in my boxers, but his eyes kept coming back to it and it felt good to know he liked to look at it. I was thinking about that a lot after it happened and it always gave me a boner right away when I remembered that morning. After that I tried to still be just in my boxers when he arrived. I enjoyed his taking furtive glances at my crotch, and I learned to tease him in certain ways like sitting so the slot on the shorts would open up some. Then, when the days got short in winter my mother would click on the light in my room to wake me, then close my door. The window of my room faced a field, and a path that led to our back door. As the light to my room clicked on one day, I was sure I heard something outside my window. It could have been a large cat or a raccoon, and I let it pass. I got up and went to the bathroom, and at just that time Rob arrived. I put two and two together and I figured that he was trying to peek in my window before coming in. The next day when my mom turned on the light I already had myself and the window shades arranged so my head wold not be visible to someone outside but the rest of me would, if they were trying hard to look in. At that time I usually jacked off in the middle of the night when I would wake up, as it helped me get back to sleep in a hurry. This time I had resisted that urge which was a feat in itself, and this morning I pulled off my boxers and lay on my back and put on a great jacking show, getting in a lot of different positions and using different techniques instead of my usual rather boring wank. I sensed Rob was watching and it was terrific for me. When I shot I let the gobs of cum fly free all around and I knew you could have easily seen the fireworks from the window. I think that was probably the best JO I ever had in my life and competes with some of the best sexual experiences I remember. After school that day I needed some confirmation and I looked to see what I might find outside my window. I was rewarded by finding a wadded up kleenex all stuck together. Even though it was dry by that time I could smell that it was dry cum. Yes, I repeated the show every morning for a while, until the days lengthened and he could not have looked in as safely. I do not know how many times he was watching and when he was not, but I always assumed he was watching. On several more occasions that was confirmed by my locating the wadded kleenex later in the day. That was the last year we went to the same school. We stayed friends but never did anything sexual together.



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