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Purses Aren't ONLY A Girl's Best Friend

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The purse. The woman's carry-all. Her constant companion. Her best friend, but not only HER best friend. It can be a man's best friend, too. A man can use that purse, provided it's a soft, leather or vinyl one, to his advantage. He can make love to the purse. He can dry-hump the purse, or he could wait till he's alone with the purse, strip down naked, and really make love to the purse. I've done this MANY times. One time, I almost had my aunt's beautiful purse on my lap. My pants would have been zipped, and I would have been rubbing that purse against my manhood until I shot an orgasmic wad on it! Had she not started to awaken, I would have sent a hot wad up on her purse. Anyway, I've done friend's purses. I've done family members purses. I've bought purses second-hand, so I could get down and dirty with them. The best part is, the woman never realizes what I did to her purse, provided I clean up the mess, which I always did. She could be visiting my house, and go into the restroom, and I'd have her purse on my manhood in NO time! Or I could be at a party, and sex up some drunk girl's purse by just smuggling it into the bathroom. Some parties have a room where women's purses and jackets are kept securely. All you would need to do is use a credit card or some other device to trip the locked door, and then you'd be in that room, with 10, 20, or more purses placed on a bed or something. You could spend hours in that room, sexing up their purses, putting a complete sexual mark on them, or inside them, and then scoot out after a while. Nobody would suspect a thing! There are so many ways to sex-up a woman's purse. There are so many hot purses out there. Some are quite expensive, and could you imagine the thrill it would be to have sex with a Chanel bag that costs over $1000.00? A Hermes purse would be the ultimate sex toy, at over $25,000.00 for one. So the next time you have access to a purse, don't rob it! Don't pillage it for money. Just put it on your cock and balls, and sex it up! Use your wife's purse. Use your girlfriend's purse. Use a family member's purse, or a close female friend's purse. You will be glad you did!!! It's so harmless. What could be the problem in straddling a hot purse, again and again and again? It's rape, but it's an inanimate object. Sexually get off on the purse. It's the thrill of a lifetime!

I do it all the time!



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