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Punishment for Invasion of Privacy

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this was 16 when it happened and I thought I should share it, it is rather long but I still got hard when composing it. its a true story and more happened later but I can't mention them on this site, my fetish might seem wierd but its just me so if you have the patience to read the entire thing then I thank you and hope you enjoy it!


Usually on weekends the adults will be at home however on certain weekends they would leave if there was an occasion like a wedding or so and this happened to be one of the weekends. It was a wedding for a really close relative to my parents so they left in advance on Friday night to stay overnight and help with the preparations for the wedding which would only take place on Sunday night so from Friday evening till Sunday evening, the entire home belonged to me and my brother, well mostly me as I expected him to leave early in the morning and only return really late pass curfew since my parents would not know but, to my astonishment he didn't.

At about 6:30 p.m. my parents left with my dad in his car headed to the grooms side (his brother) and my mum in my brothers car headed to the bride (her bff), (There was still one more car left in the garage which belonged to me and I expected my brother to borrow it so I get an unnamed favor at a later time). Both my brother and I were at home when my parents left, he was in his room and I was in the living room downstairs. Later past dinner at about 10 pm my brother was using the family desktop in the kitchen bar doing some stuff, I was on my phone texting waiting to use it as my laptop was charging in my room. Finally two hours later he was done with the pc and walked in the living room, rubbed my hair and said he was going to bed, and then he headed upstairs to his room.

I, impatient by then jumped over the sofa and went to the kitchen bar to use it. I opened the web browser and it opened to my brother's hotmail inbox. I immediately was happy that it was there, now I could read his emails and use it against him to finally get back at him. I scrolled through the inbox and it was the usual emails from his friends and stuff, it had some juicy stuff but nothing really worth using. Then I was about to give up and log off when I accidentally clicked sent and what I saw there made me speechless.

The latest email in his sent folder was to his girlfriend sent at 11 46 pm exactly and the contents of the email made my heart beat really fast. It was nude pictures of him and they were on fire. I have never been turned on by guys before but this was the first time and I was rock hard. The email contained about 8 pictures and I savored each picture by picture. Down from his sexy feet, up to his semi hard dick and pubic hair. He had the thickest most bushy pubic hair ever, it was the first thing I saw and it instantly made me hard, he probably has not shaved it since it was growing when he was about 10 and now he's about to be 20, can you imagine how thick it was? My eyes continued to scan from his abs up to his rather big pecs. In certain pictures he showed off really thick armpit hair which is fetish for me. By now I was solid and leaking pre cum, I forwarded the email to me and immediately logged out then walked really quick to the bathroom. In there I thought about what I just saw and it was so surreal to me. I pulled my pants down and since I was wearing a bright green boxer, the pre cum through my boxer was really obvious. I pulled that down and I saw a really large monster and I knew I just had to wank it out.

I used my ever trusty handy lube, my sliver and started to jerk off my uncut six inch dick (when I was 16) and kept picturing the images I saw in my head. Eventually I was on the edge and was about to fall of it and suddenly there was a knock on the door which really caught me off guard. I asked who it was and my brother replied, suddenly my hands just stopped and my heart started to race faster. I washed my hands and pulled my boxers and pants back up and flushed the toilet so I don't cause suspicion. I walked out and my brother questioned me being in the bathroom and I still tensed tried to reply smart and I said I was inside delivering a baby. He laughed and went in while I switched off the TV and living room and kitchen lights off and went to my room. To get to my room I had to walk past my parents room then my brothers room which provided me with a lot of privacy, any ways I walked past my brothers room when I heard my brothers phone beep. Once again being nosy I went in his room and took a look at his phone and it was a text from his girlfriend and it read, wow babe those were some really hot pics can't wait to see you when I get back. I immediately knew what the text meant and I got a little hard, it also made sense why my brother was feeling a little down lately and has not really been going out much, it was because his sweetheart was out of town. I heard my brother walk up the stairs then I immediately left the room and went straight to my room without making much noise. Just when I was about to close my door I heard a sweet nite bro from him and I replied and shut my door.

I walked to my bed to my laptop and went to check for my email to see if I have gotten the email but unfortunately the internet was really slow and it took a long time to download the mails to my pc but by then I fall asleep.

The next morning I was woken up by a loud knock on my door, it was my brother telling me he was headed out to the gym with his friend and he left before I replied, I was still a little tired thus I fall asleep again. About 2 hours later I woke up and went downstairs looking for him but he was nowhere, then I remembered he said he was going to the gym. I turned on my pc and the first thing I saw was that email with the nude pictures and I got reminded of yesterday and had a hard on in no time. It was about 5 minutes before I heard the door open downstairs but my mind didn't respond to that sound and I continued masturbating. I was still looking through the pictures savoring each and every one inch by inch and then suddenly my door flunk open. It was my brother and he is standing there sweaty and angry and he saw me masturbating. I was once again speechless waiting for him to react and so he did. He dropped his gym bag on the floor by the door ran up to me and threw me right on the floor. I was really shocked by now but I didn't have time to react as he started wrestling me. I screamed what the hell are you doing, are you out of your mind, he didn't say a word and continued to wrestle. Finally I gave up and he pinned me to the floor. I asked him why he did that and what he wanted and he replied, why did you go through my email. I did not know what to say, I was wondering how he found out about it and also does he know I forwarded it to my email and to my biggest nightmare he continued why did you forward it to your email. By now I was tired and both he and I were really sweaty, but I had no choice but to reply to him as he was above me not letting me off. I tried to stall till he slapped me really hard and by then I could not tolerate it any more thus I gave up and told him how he the nude pictures turned me on and I just had to have it and I was jacking off to it till he interrupted, he was silent for a few moments and then suddenly he lifted his hand and lowered it towards my cock and started to jerk me off slowly. I thought he was squeezing my balls but instead he was jacking me off and I felt like I was dreaming. He did not need any lube at all as we were really really sweaty and the sweat was great lube which also made me really hard.

Soon I said I'm gonna cum bro, and just when I was about to blow he took his hands away and I was really upset about it, I assumed he was assumed he was a tease and wanted to finish the job with my own hands and then he pinned me again holding both my hands down. I was now really upset, angry and frustrated I could not unload and I asked him why he was stopping me. He simply replied if you wanna cum to my nude pictures or me, you got to work for it and earn it, and immediately I was on board and got really excited pre cum was oozing out like I had a leaky tap. I wondered how he went for a workout and still had so much energy but he dragged me to a nearby chair and tied me up with a rope he had in his back pack (why he had rope I don't know).

He turned on my computer and plugged his phone in. he then opened a folder full of nude pictures he had. While I was completely naked and sweaty tied up to a chair in my room he asked to tell what I liked about each picture and what turned me on. I was shocked he was asking such stuff but was equally excited all this was happening. He slide showed a couple pictures and I told him what I like about each picture, some were the thick bush under his arms and above his dick and the treasure trail leading to his pubic bush while others were his abs and pecs. Picture after picture each just made me hornier than the previous. He then put the pictures on a auto slide show and walked to me and started jerking me off and just when I was about to cum he took his hands away and I got even more turned on. After about 4 or 5 times my balls started to really hurt and I was begging to let out my load by now but he refused. After about two more times I started to cry as every time I was about to blow and he would take his hands away my balls really hurt bad. It was about an hour and a half since he got home and wrestled me and finally the last time he jerked me off till I was about to blow and then he took his hands away and about 5 seconds after he jerked me off and I shot the biggest load ever. It landed all over my sweaty body and my brothers, the sensation felt amazing I could not describe it. Just the feeling of being jerked off by probably the hottest creature you've ever seen is a certain indescribable pleasure. Cum was all over on the ground, on me and my brother and his hands, he took his hands and forced fed me the semen that spilled over his hands and I was just amazed (did taste a little salty probably from the sweat). After that he untied me and threw to the ground, grabbed his phone and went to his room and shut the door. Still high from the pleasure I wandered was that suppose to be a punishment or like a s n m jack off or like what as he seemed mad when he left.



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