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Prostitution is Legal

Prostitution is legal in some areas of Australia....so I went to have a look.


Brothels don't look at all seedy. True, there are rooms, and some are decked out as dungeons, but for the most part, they look like clubs. Nice, expensive but not tacky decor. In fact, some welcome you just for a (expensive) drink and some non-sexual company.

I wanted to, oh, I don't know, BE in such a place....just to experience it. A couple of the working girls chatted quite amiably to me, and very subtely made if clear that if I wanted more than a drink, then that was ok too. 

So, drink and chat finished I left and walked across the car park to my car. I noticed a woman sitting in her car and watching me. As I was parked next to her, I couldn't really avoid her. When I got to my car, she rolled the window down and said "Do you mind if I talk to you?" 

It turns out she has discovered her husband uses this place and she doesn't understand why. "It's not like he doesn't get plenty of sex at home. I just don't know why he goes with people like you." People like me? She thought I worked there! I've been taken for many things before, but never a whore.....and I must say, I found it rather thrilling. 

I said that maybe it's the fact that he is with a whore that does it....or maybe he does things that he can't get at home? She said "Well, he is always on at me for anal, but I won't do that. I've heard it hurts like fuck." I explained not only the how, but the joys of taking it up the arse, and she seemed to take it on board. Then I said "Maybe you should try going with a prostitute. Hell, you may enjoy it!" She immediately stiffened and I knew I had hit a nerve. Closet bi? Closet lesbian, maybe?

She invited me to sit in her car as the sun was getting up and it was hot. The cool aircon felt really nice, and we just chatted amiably. She'd calmed down a lot. "You know, you're not like I expected at all. I thought you'd be old, slapped on with make up, but you're young, pretty, I can see why he comes here if they're all like you. Er....maybe you know him?" She flashed a photo of him, and I could honestly say that I hadn't had him! 

I reiterated my statement that maybe she should try it....er...us....again, it efinitely struck a chord with her. So, never one to miss an opportunity, I put my hand lightly on her knee. I immediately felt her clamp her legs together, but only for a second. In response to the lightest of pushes on my part, she allowed her legs to open, just a little at first, but then all the way. She took a huge breath and leaned right back in her seat. I can't be sure, but I think she may even have reclined the backalittle. I continued my upward exploration until I came to a pair of warm, moist panties that disappeared between the cheeks of her bum....a thong? I let my thumb graze over her clit and heard the sharp intake of breath. 

It wasn't long before I had my hand inside her panties, over a perfectly smooth mound and was sinking a couple of fingers deep inside her. She was incredibly wet, and her orgasm wasn't long in coming either. When it hit, I felt a squirt.....a very long squirt hit the palm of my hand and her car filled with that lovely scent only a woman's squirt can give. 

I kept my fingers up her until she had finished and then gently removed them. Suddenly, she was all apologetic, and fussed around looking for tissues for me to clean my fingers with. (I was about to suck them clean, but I took the tissues). 

As I was cleaning up, I found myself looking at a wad of cash. She had pulled out about $100 and was offering it to me. 

I took it! I wanted her to feel ok about this, and by paying me, I figured that she could rationalise it if she started to feel guilty about it later. 

As I watched her drive off, I wondered if, that night, her husband might be about to fuck his wife up the arse for the first time. 



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