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Prostate Pleasure

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Please leave comments on how what you think of this story and any ideas for my next true one.


Well first a little background info. My name is Chris, and I'm 18. I have been masturbating since I was 14 and I found out about it from this site. I read the stories here everyday and love all your stories. I'm into just about anything including anal play so my stories might not be for everyone. This story took place about four days ago. Well here goes hope you enjoy it.

It was Thursday night around 7:00 pm. I had been reading stories here and on other sites for about an hour. I was horny I would have been gushing precum if my body made it. Finally when I had had enough I went into my bathroom and got the shower running. I then took my time taking my clothes off. Slowly peeling off my shirt while rubbing my penis. My penis by now was at it's full 6 inches. Not the biggest penis in the world but big enough.

Now I'm down to my underwear. I then bend down and peel my underwear off my hard on which was just straining to get free. Now that I am finally naked I reach over and grab my bottle of lotion which I use as anal lube. I am finally ready to go into the shower. By now as I go into the shower my mind is so horny its going crazy. The idea's I'm having and the stories I have just finished reading are running freely through my mind.

I now take my shower head down and turn it on the highest pulse setting and sit down in the tub. I then place the stream of water right under that sweat spot under the head of my cock. I keep it there till I can feel the onset of my orgasm. Now I know that I'm ready for a little anal fun.

I squirt a lot of lotion on my hand and rub it on and in my asshole. I make sure my hole is so lubed up that my finger glides in and out. Then I squat and just relish the feeling of my finger sliding in and out of my hole and the water pounding on my cock.

Finally I take my best anal toy. Its a three inch wide and 10 inch long shampoo bottle. I now place the rounded end under me and line it up for its journey into me. I lean down on to it and it starts to work its way in. Finally!! It pops in and I'm gliding up and down on the bottle. The feeling of being so full down there is so amazing I can't even start to describe it. Its the most wonderful thing in the world.

I then lean back and sit down at an angle with that wonderful bottle in me. I then put the pulsing water stream on my dick's sweet spot and start gliding up and down on the bottle. The pressure in me keep on building and building finally. After about 20 min. of this gliding I can't hold it in anymore. I put the shower head down and jack my cock for all its worth while still gliding up and down on the shampoo bottle.

Then the moment of truth happens I erupt in a fountain of pleasure. Warm showers of my cum come spraying out of me. I'm in a world of bliss that I can't begin to describe. Then as suddenly as it began the wonderful moment is over. I wash off and get out of the tub.

This story is the first of many I hope. I just want everyone to know that everything that happened in this story is 100% true. This story is what happens every time I get into the shower. Please post your comments so I can better record for you my experiences. Happy jacking and jilling, Chris



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