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Private Lessons

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I never told a soul, until now


In my mid to late teens I was very much a party animal. When I went to college to study English, I was much the same, partying several nights a week and generally enjoying myself. However when it came to within a couple of months of the end of my first year, I needed to do some serious work to make up my end of year grades. So, I grabbed the class nerd Simon and asked if he would help me out. Simon looked the nerd with unkemp hair and thick glasses. He was hesitant at first, but I persueded him I would make it up to him, a little gift or something.

That first evening we were in my room and I read several passages from the study book, and he interpreted them so I could get it down on paper. We spent a couple of hours and by the time we'd finished, I'd still have time to meet my friends over at the bar. On his way out, Simon remarked that he wondered what his gift would be. I had no idea what you would get the class nerd, so I told him to think of something I could get him next time we got together.

Second time around we had finished for the evening and I asked Simon if he had thought of something I could give him to repay his helping me. He replied he wanted a pair of my panties. I was absolutely taken aback. 'You want a pair of my panties?' I replied. 'Yes please' he said. I was so dumbfounded I opened my underwear drawer and gave a pair of plain white panties. 'Thanks' he said, before bolting out of the door. I couldn't believe it, the class nerd was a panty-man.

Next time he came over, I'd decided to get a little kinky with him. When we had finished I asked him what he had done with my panties. He murmered something I could quite hear, so I asked him if had sniffed them. 'Yes' he replied, 'But they were clean ones'. 'Oh, did you want a pair of my dirty panties then?' I asked him. 'Errr, I don't know' he stammered, not sure of himself now. 'Here, have these ones' I said as I lifted my skirt and peeled my panties down and gave them to him. 'Oh God' he said, and again bolted out of the room. I chuckled to myself imagining him with them held to his face as he beat himself off.

I decided to up the stakes next time around, as it was getting interesting now and wanted to know how far he would go. He was sitting on my bed as I finished writing the report at my desk and swivelled round in my chair to face him. 'Well I'm finished now, do you want another pair of my panties?' I asked him. He stammered something about having two pairs already and that I might run out of panties at this rate. I replied 'Don't worry, I can get some more'. 'I quite like these thong panties'. At which point I stood up and lifted the short denim skirt I was wearing, to show him the bright red thong I had on. Simon blushed and didn't know where to look. 'Do you like them?' I asked him turning around. 'There's not much of it around the back' I said as he looked at the thin piece of fabric disappearing between my butt cheeks.

Simon was now squirming as he sat on the edge of the bed, the bulge in his pants clearly visible. 'Here you go' as I slowly peeled them down and handed them to him. He took them with a trembling hand as I sat down opposite him, my denim skirt high enough for him to see my shaven pussy. I was getting a little excited myself at my exhibitionism, and I felt myself dampen between my pussy lips. 'Why don't you sniff them now, I've had them on all day' I teased him. He slowly lifted them to his nose and inhaled my fresh pussy smell. 'Is that good?' I asked, 'Oh yes' he replied. 'Why don't you show me what you do when you're smelling my panties' I asked him. 'Get your cock out and stroke it for me' I told him. With some trepidation he eased his pants down to his knees and out sprang his huge cock. I couldn't believe it of the class nerd, it must have been a good 7 to 8 inches.

Slowly he began to stroke his long, fat cock whilst holding my panties under his nose. His eyes were fixed on my bare pussy as I watched his hand rise up and down. It was my turn to start feeling horny now as I imagined that cock in my own hand, or somewhere else all the more pleasurable. I could feel my pussy lips swelling as they grew more damp. 'I think I'll join in' I told him as I slipped a finger up and down my pussy lips. His hand sped up as I started grinding my fingers against my pussy, forgetting I was doing this in front of the class nerd! I plunged a finger inside me as I rubbed my clit with the heel of my hand. 'Cum for me' I whispered to him as his hand was now a blur. I was totally into this now and was surprised how quickly I'd become aroused. His fat cock head glistened with pre-cum whilst I could feel that churning sensation growing im my groin. 'Oh God I think I'm cumming' I said. 'I'm cumming now' Simon cried as several huge wads of jism flew three feet in the air, landing with a splat on the carpet between us. Just then I felt myself cum as I plunged a second finger in my slippery pussy and clamped my thighs together as the waves of pleasure rippled through my groin.

We both were in a state of shock as we cleaned up and Simon left pretty quickly. Needless to say we never discussed what had happened that evening in our subsequent sessions. But I still couldn't get his big fat cock out of my mind.



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