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Pre Class Petting

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finally decided to post


A lil backstory. I'm 5'11 tan decent build. She was 5'3' c cup firm breasts and an ass that got to me all the time. Me and Jane (not real name) dated for a bit but eventually went our seperate ways, but fooled around occassionally. I had a huge thing for asses and she knew that and would always show me her skimpy little thongs when I was around and loved to just tease me.

Well one day before classes started she began her teasing. She was in low cut jeans that hugged that ass perfectly, a low cut shirt that showed off the cleavage quite nicely, and at the time was making her lil thong quite visible to me. As she began to tease me a little more, hugging me real close so her breasts would be against my body, I began to become aroused naturally.

She felt me press up against her inner thigh and whispered in my ear 'I know you want me, I can feel you' in a seductive voice and slowly rubbed her legs together against my erect cock.

I began to embrace her closer and slowly ran my hand up and down here back ever so slightly. she quietly whimpered. I grabbed both sides of her thong and snapped it. She jumped. I slowly pulled her away to a more secluded area. I slowly ran my hands into the back of her pants under the thong straps and slowly but firmly pulled her ass into my palms.

I whispered 'I cant stand this, not having you'

She reached behind and removed my hands, turned around and bent over tying her shoes. She knew what she was doing. I loved seeing a little ass crack(hey its my thing) and she slowly rubbed against my crotch. as she began to straighten up she made sure to keep her ass against my crotch the whole way. She turned around, and I pulled her close and began to kiss her, our tongues began to mingle and we both felt that passion that was in the air. I sat down on a bench and she straddled and began to dry hump me. I slowly began to lower her jeans and she stood up and removed them. There I was with her in her thong and a tent in my pants. She bent over giving me a view down her shirt and began to run her hands on my legs teasing my aching throbbing cock. She grabbed the zipper and slowly pulled it down. My cock sprang out of its cage and was throbbing to be touched. She turned back around and rubbed her ass against my cock knowing that I love the feeling of a thong or any fabric for that matter on me. I began to slide one hand up her shirt and the other slowly into her thong and I could feel the wetness of her snatch in the thong. I began to slowly pull back the hood and tease her clit. She whimpered and put a hand behind her grabbing my fully erect cock. She began to stroke as I teased her clit, rubbed her nipple between my finger and thumb and slowly fingered her. It was just a glorious moment of passion between us. the softness of her flesh contrasting against the hardness of mine. I felt convulsion after convulsion around my fingers until finally it began.

I said in her ear 'I'm coming, I'm coming' and she got off her shirt and bra and said 'aim' I came all over those magnificent 36c breasts shooting a good 6-7 thick ropes. She lifted her breasts and began to lick my seed off of her. She turned around and bent down to pick up her clothes and as she did I pulled her at her waist just embraced her. She turned around and we began to make out passionately. We sat on the bench just making out and I began to feel that ass and that's when I got the idea of something that lead to fun times. I slowly ran my finger between her cheeks and slowly circled her hole. Feeling her get more into the making out I got riskier and slipped a finger in. I felt her jump slightly and we paused

She said 'I knew you would do that eventually' and began to f**k my finger with her ass.

Well later that day we went to her house and experimented with many new things



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