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Pool House Adventures

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Thanks for letting me share the most erotic experience I have ever had.


When I was growing up, my family was very close with the family next door.I spent much of my summer vacations over there swimming in their pool. They had a large pool house which served as sort of a clubhouse for the kids in the neighborhood.

Anyway,the summer I turned 13 I had a severe case of puberty and as a result never missed a chance to swim with my neighbor's 15 year old daughter Tracey. Tracey had long straight dark hair, pale skin and the body of a grown woman. She wasn't beautiful,she was a little on the chunky side but her cute face and curvy body more than made up for any shortcomings. I had learned to masturbate a few months before and Tracey was high on the list of things I thought about when I was playing with myself at night.

One hot Saturday evening our parents were going out to dinner together, so Tracey hollered over into my yard for me to come over for a swim. I was excited that I was going to be alone with her

(usually there were always people over there hanging around the pool). So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw her cousin Jamie had come to visit from out of state for a couple of weeks. Jamie was 11 and just starting to change into a young woman, but I didn't notice at the time,I only had eyes for Tracey, who was almost bursting out of her tight bikini. We all splashed around the pool for a while and finally Jamie went up to the house to watch TV and we were alone in the poolhouse. Just watching Tracey's hot body straining against her bikini as she walked around turning on the stereo and getting us a cold drink was enough to produce a raging boner in my swim trunks. I tried to cover it up, but when Tracey came over with a soda, she looked right at my crotch and with a wicked grin said 'What have you got under there?' I sat there not knowing what to say but Tracey told me it was a perfectly natural thing. She then asked me if I ever played with it. All I could do was look down at the ground and mumble. She then told me she played with herself at least once a day and then told me that if I would let her watch me, I could watch her. No sooner had she said this, we heard footsteps outside. It was her cousin, the little brat. Tracey rolled her eyes and said we would finish this conversation later.

The next week was the longest week of my life. I passed the time alternating between thinking about Tracey's large tits while I masturbated, and praying that she would not forget what we had planned. Well the following Saturday evening finally came and our parents were all going out of town to a cook out. Tracey again invited me for a swim. I went next door with my heart pounding in anticipation. Again we spent about an hour swimming with Jamie hoping she would go away and finally after what seemed to be a lifetime Jamie went into the house leaving me alone with Tracey. Tracey came over to me and smiled and asked me if I was ready to do what we had talked about before. I stammered out 'S-S-sure' She then removed a her bikini top,and there I was looking at my first beautiful pair of breasts. They were large, at least a C-cup with beautiful pink areolae and I noticed her nipples were erect. She let me touch them which gave me a raging hard-on. She looked down at my boner hidden in my trunks and told me it was my turn. I took a deep breath and dropped my swim trunks revealing my 13 year old cock poking out of a small nest of blond pubic hair. Tracey smiled at me. 'Wow,very nice,' she said. 'I want to watch you come, I've never seen a guy come.' I began stroking my cock while Tracey stuck her hand into her bikini bottoms. I noticed a growing wet patch on her swim suit and began stroking my cock faster when Tracey stopped dead in her tracks which made me stop. I looked up and saw Jamie standing in the doorway with her mouth agape.

I didn't know what to do being caught there naked holding my dick in my hand, but Tracey took charge. She told Jamie that she could be a little bitch and tell on us, or she could stay and join 'our club'. Jamie was shy, but didn't leave. Instead she asked if she could stay. Tracey said sure, but to join the club everybody has to take all their clothes off. And with those words Tracey removed her soaking bikini bottoms revealing a thick patch of black pubic hair. I thought I would cum right then and there but I somehow held off from emptying my aching balls.

Tracey then told Jamie it was her turn. I had never really noticed Jamie as a woman before. She was slim and her skin was as golden as Tracey's was pale. She had her golden blond hair pulled back tightly into a bun and you could see she was going to grow up to be a pretty woman. After hesitating a moment she took her clothes off and revealed her naked body. Her breasts were just beginning to grow, but they were perfectly round and bigger than I thought they would be. When she removed her panties I was shocked to see that she had a quite a bit of golden pubic hair growing in a small area around her slit. I had no idea that an 11 year old girl would have almost as much hair down there as I did at 13.

When I saw Jamie's naked budding body, I could not help myself and began stroking my cock again. Tracey asked Jamie if she ever touched herself. Jamie turned beet red and said nothing. Tracey told her that it was okay to touch yourself and felt really good. Tracey told her to watch us. Tracey then stuck her fingers in her wet pussy and began fingering her hot clit. The sight of Tracey's fingers in that big black bush were too much for me. I began stroking faster and faster. I let out a loud moan and had the most intense orgasm I have ever had as I ejaculated thick lines of semen all over my belly and leg. 'Oh my god,' shouted Tracey. 'I didn't think it would shoot out like that!' I then watched Tracey finger her juicy cunt until her whole body tensed up and she had her orgasm.

Tracey then went over to Jamie and asked her if she would like to try masturbating. Jamie, who was looking at both of us with very wide eyes, said she rubbed herself sometimes at night but never like that. Tracey then showed her how to touch her clit and finger herself. Soon Jamie was gasping for breath as her cousin fingered her pussy and teased her perky little nipples. I couldn't believe how wet she got and soon she was convulsing with pleasure as Tracey brought her to her first orgasm. The sight of Tracey's fingers covered with Jamie's slippery juices got me instantly hard again. We ended our poolhouse adventure with Tracey jerking me off to another incredible climax, and then I got to explore Tracey's body. She taught me how to play with her wet pussy until she came again. I couldn't beleive how soft, warm and slippery a woman's vagina was. Jamie wouldn't join in but sat there and played with herself as she watched us.

I have had a lot of great experiences with some wonderful and sexy women since then, but that night in the poolhouse has never been topped.

Three years later, Jamie came for another visit. S he had grown into a beautiful young woman and we took each other's virginity in that same poolhouse. Amazing, the girl I didn't even notice at first became my first lover.



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