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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Posted by: Age: 39 Posted on: 4 comments
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A precis of what gets me going and what I like to do


Hello everybody, my name's Kulak and I'm a wanker.

I've been lurking on this site for quite some time, getting quite hot and hard reading through the material presented on here. My particular favourites are the Female Solo section. I get really turned on by reading about what turns a woman on, how she feels, her desires, her needs and perhaps more importantly, her descriptions of herself and what she likes to do to herself.

I've been masturbating since I was 13. I started off by discovering that it felt good when I washed my penis a certain way. Then I began to explore my body, finding out how I liked to be touched, what it felt like to stroke my own skin, tease my own nipples, rub the head of my cock.

My favourite fantasies are quite voyeuristic. I'm sure I'm not alone in this, but I frequently think about what it would be like to secretly discover a lady pleasuring herself. The situations change according to my mood, but I keep coming back to the fantasy of walking through a woodland and happening upon a 'secret' glade. At the far side of the clearing is a fallen tree trunk, and sat upon it is a beautiful woman. She is oblivious to me, but is teasing herself, getting herself really turned on. She pulls her top over her breasts, frees them from her bra and pulls and teases her nipples for a while. Her hand eventually slides down over her stomach to her jeans, unbuttoning them before sliding down inside.

Of course I match her pace while imagining this. I slowly stroke my cock through my trousers, feeling my hardness grow, feeling my arousal increase. I have to touch myself. My hand reaches inside my own jeans and takes hold of my thick rod. I begin to slowly stroke the mushroom shaped head of my cock, feeling the wetness ooze from the slit, rubbing my pre-cum around my head before beginning to slide my hand down to the base of my shaft. As I watch her hand move inside her jeans in my minds eye, my own hand slides up and down, moving my tight foreskin over my tip, then back down, pulling it tighter at the base.

In my fantasy she notices me. Startled at first, she then grins and beckons me closer before removing her jeans and knickers completely. She begins to put on a show as in real life I have to take down my own jeans and free myself. I imagine how her sex looks. I imagine it to glisten with her moisture as her fingers explore her entire opening, parting her lips and dipping a finger inside before spreading her own wetness over her pussy.

In real life my stroking becomes more urgent as I savour every wonderful sensation emanating from my own member. She begins to pant, as do I. She herself becomes more animalistic, penetrating herself with the fingers of one hand, while rubbing her engorged clitoris with the other. She begins to writhe, fucking herself all the while looking me directly in the eyes, reading my lust and feeding off it. She pants, she moans, her voice becoming more guttural as she clearly chases her own orgasm. Suddenly she grunts loudly, plunging her fingers inside her, furiously rubbing her clit. Her head falls back as she lets herself drop into orgasm. She bucks wildly with each wave before settling back down. She fixes her gaze on me and my cock, still stroking her clit.

I speed up, pumping my cock with such force I'm slapping my stomach as I do so. I see her wetness, her lust, her hunger and this pushes me over the edge and my cock erupts, cum spurting out of me, shooting in the air and falling back down over my stomach and hand.



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