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Playing Farmer

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My love of cum and uncut dicks stem out of this experience, for which I am forever greatful...;-)


I enjoy the stories and decided to share my early experiences.
My family moved into a very small town in the midwest from the country when I was 5 years old. I became friends with a little girl up the street who was my age. She had an older brother that was about 9 years of age. We used to tag after him a lot, but occasionally, he wouldn't allow us to go with him.
One day, while we were playing, he noticed that the buttons to my fly on my bib overalls were undone. He started teasing me and telling me that my wiener was going to get out, etc. I was embarrassed but was unable to button up the buttons. So he buttoned them for me, but not before he reached in and pulled on my little wiener. Shortly after, their mother called the girl in to take a nap, and I was sent home.
The boy decided to walk me home. When I asked where he was going he said he was going to his secret boys club. He was very mysterious about it and hinted at things, but wouldn't say what he meant. At 5, I understood none of his talk. Just before we got to my house, he asked if I would like to go with him to the club. I said sure. I had to promise not to tell anyone or I would die a horrible death, etc.
The club was an old chicken coop that had been cleaned out that sat at the back of the yard of another boys home. The entrance to the club was through a side door, hidden from the house by a small lilac bush. We went down the alley and then quickly ducked into the coop. It was very exciting to be so secretive, and then to discover that there were 8 boys in the coop.
We were the last to arrive. My friends brother latched the door from the inside, and then the boys all began to undress. I didn't want to, and no one made me. The boys ranged in age from 9 to about 14. They all got naked and they milled about for a bit showing off their hardons.
They decided that my friends brother would be the first farmer and I could help him. They drew straws to see who was first, and then the game began. It was called Milking Time at the Farm.
The first cow got down on all fours on the floor, while the other guys sat on the roosts along one wall. All the boys were playing with their dicks. Then the Farmer proceeded to milk the cow on the floor. I was told to come over and watch to see how it was done. The farmer showed me how he milked the guys dick and made it hard. They had butter there to make it easier to milk.
I wouldn't touch the first boys dick, but I did get down and watch closely. He was one of the older boys and he came quickly. It didn't look like the milk that I was used to seeing coming out of a cows tit...but they told me it was the same thing and did have me put my finger in it and taste it...It didn't taste like milk either.
By then, the second cow was ready to go, so they had me rub the milk off the first boys dick and use it to milk the second cow. I reluctantly did, and then got into helping the farmer milk the cows. A lot of the boys were uncut and I liked the feel of the extra skin moving in my hands. This continued for the next hour or so. All the boys got milked at least once. Two of the boys were dry cows...but the rest shot lots of milk.
By the time we were done I was naked and some of the older boys played with me. Other than a hardon, I wasn‚??t overly excited about it. We finished up. I promised secrecy. I never got to participate with them again.
I did play around with my friends brother from time to time. He liked to have me slide my hands up his shorts when we were playing in the big tree in his backyard and tug on his balls as he rubbed up against the tree trunk. I liked the feel and smell of his wet dickhead when he was done. Within two years, my family moved across state.
When I was 8 1/2, I began to have exciting feelings in my dick in the bathtub while playing submarine. I began to tough myself more, but could only get the excited feeling while bathing.. I vaguely remembered the chicken coop incident, but it still didn't mean a whole lot to me. Then one day, my friend and I were talking and he was told me that he watched his brother through the brothers bedroom door keyhole the night before. He couldn‚??t see all that he was doing, but he did see that he was naked and he could see him fisting his dick. He then saw the brother bend in half and make lots of huffing noises, but he didn‚??t know why.
I then told him about how good it felt to rub my dick along the bottom of the bathtub and how I had been rubbing my dick and feeling good. He wanted to see how I did it. So we went to my house and into the bathroom. I proceded to pull my pants down and was beating my meat, when all of a sudden, I couldn't stop. My breathing got heavy, and my friend had his face right down by my dick, telling me that I sounded like his brother the night before‚?¶and pow..I came. I shot cum all over the bathroom wall. My friend jumped back. I thought I had broke something.
He reached over, rubbed some cum off the wall and tasted it. He didn't think it was so bad, so I tasted it too. I then remembered in full the chicken coop day. I cleaned up and we headed out to a favorite secret spot.
I lived on the edge of town, and there was a ravine less than a quarter mile from the house. We got there and I told him about the Farmer game. He wanted to try it, so we got naked and took turns milking each other. I came a second time. When I milked him, not much happened. He got hard, but no good
feelings. He was a bit discouraged, but I thought of a new game. I was the baby calf and needed to have some milk. So I got under him and sucked his dick. He loved it. He had a super long foreskin. I fell in love with his foreskin. I would chew on it for hours over the next 8 years. When he was 14, he finally got pubic hair and then shot his load. Up til then, on a weekly basis of two or three times a week, he sucked my cum from my dick and I chewed on his foreskin and played with his balls. By the time he was cumming regular, we were into fucking each other along with sucking. We used to sleep over a lot and would lie in bed in a side 69 with heads on inside thighs and talk and suck half the night. I moved away when I was 17
I later heard from one of the guys he serviced that he had about 6 guys in our town..and some in others that he used to service, but he married when he was 21 (it was a small town after all). They were killed in an automobile accident on their way to their honeymoon.



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