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Playground Adventure

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"It'd be really awesome if you walk home naked...."


This is a follow-up to Writing for Catherine - Published: June 26, 2013.

The two of us walk through a deserted playground late at night.

"I think you should get naked," you tell me.

"What? Really?" I ask.

"Sure. No one's around. It'll be fun."

"Hmm," I say doubtfully.

"Come on. You know you like to do naughty things. What could be naughtier than playing in a children's playground without any clothes on?"

"I have a feeling I'm fixing to find out," I say.

"That's the spirit," you say. "I'll even hold your clothes for you so they won't get dirty."

"Gee, thanks."

I hand you my cane so I can remove my shirt. Then I sit on a swing while I take my shoes off, followed by my jeans.

"Ah, no underwear. Nice!" you say admiringly. "Better put your shoes back on, though."

I do, and then sit there, feeling the rubber seat of the swing against the bare skin of my ass and hips, and the night air on the rest of me. A cool breeze causes my nipples to tingle and stiffen, and raises goose bumps on my torso, arms and legs. Gripping the chains, I instinctively move my feet apart on the ground, spreading my legs and opening my crotch to the night.

"Very nice," you say appreciatively, standing a few feet directly in front of me.

Without responding, I move the swing back and forth a few times. Hmm. This is one of the most unusual and interesting sensations I've ever experienced. I like it. I begin to swing, higher and higher, feeling myself become more and more excited by the knowledge that almost every part of me is fully exposed as my body flies through the air.

"All right!" you cheer and whistle. "That's one of the hottest things I've ever seen. What's it doing for you?"

"It feels really good, and I'm getting really turned on," I answer, slowing to a stop.

"Yeah? What are you going to do about it?"

"Mmm, I'm gonna play with myself, right here in the playground."

"Excellent idea," you say. "Go for it!"

"Well, I don't want to do it here in the swing. The seat kinda pinches. Plus, I'd have to keep holding on with one hand. It'd just be too awkward."

"I know," you say, "come with me."

You lead me over to the wide slide.

"Climb up and sit at the top."

I do, and then start to stimulate myself, feeling and hearing you climb up the ladder behind me. Wondering what you're up to, why you're not at the bottom of the slide looking up at me, I edge myself closer and closer toward an eruption, spreading my legs as far apart as the sides of the slide will allow, feeling the metal against my bare skin. Thinking of myself perched up there, the focal point of the whole playground, in plain sight to any and all who might wish to watch me make myself come all over this piece of playground equipment, makes me start to moan aloud.

"That's right," you breathe in my ear, "you're a dirty little wanker. Shamelessly stripped bare-ass-naked right out in the open. Playing with yourself in public where anyone might see you and get turned on. Imagine all the people watching you and taking off their clothes and joining in..."

"Oh, my God! Mmm!" I pant for breath. "Yes! Oh yes! I'm gonna come, I'm coming! oh! My! God! Oh! Mmm! Ah!"

Warmth cascades through my lower body and pleasurable spasms seize my groin, forcing an explosive release of my fluids all over the slide, which I'm suddenly descending through, lubricating the passage of my butt over the metallic surface! Caught in the middle of a powerful orgasm, my heart stops as I feel your hand give a hard shove against my back, which sends me hurtling down the slide! This mix of internal and external physical sensations overwhelms my mind with a confusion of ecstasy and shock, and adrenaline floods my system in a way I've never felt before!

The next thing I know, I'm at the bottom of the slide and you're helping me up and talking to me. My legs have turned to mush and my lower body is covered with my come. I can't think straight, much less respond to you, and you lead me over to the merry-go-round and sit me down on the edge of it to recover.

"What just happened?" I'm finally able to ask.

"Well," you say, "I think it's called an orgasm. Judging by your reaction, you may just be the first person to have one."

"Oh, my gosh!" I say. "That was...that was..."

"Yeah, it was pretty hot."

"Right. That's not how I would've put it, but since it seems to have rendered me at a loss for words..."

"I guess the answer is yes, then," you say.


"The question: was it good for you? The answer: yes."

"Yeah," I say. "I think I'm ready to put my clothes back on and go home now."

"Before you get dressed," you say, "will you do something for me?"

"What?" I ask, too numb to be very curious.

"Well, I want you to fool around on some more of the playground equipment. I know you're pretty drained, so you don't have to play with yourself again, but I really want to watch you and maybe get a few pics with my phone."

"Seriously? Dude, I'm exhausted and all wet and sticky now. I just want to take a hot shower and recuperate. My nerves still haven't settled down after you pushing me down the slide. I'm not feeling the least bit sexually daring or adventurous anymore."

"I know, I know, but this is the perfect time for it. We're here. We have the place all to ourselves. There hasn't even been any traffic since we arrived. The weather is great. You're already naked. Please."

"Oh, all right," I say. "What do you want me to do?"

Well, you give me a ride on the merry-go-round, which I could have done without. Then we get on a seesaw, but that's a little too uncomfortable. You stand below me and take pictures of me climbing around on the monkey bars and jungle gym. Then it's back to the swing, and slide, where I'm left hoping for rain...

The weirdest thing is, while I was aroused, it felt good being naked...but after I came...it just feels kinda awkward and wrong, and more than a little humiliating.

"Okay," I said after half an hour or so, "that's enough. You can let me have my clothes now."

"About that," you say, "I was thinking, Catherine, it'd be really awesome if you walk home naked...."

Note: This story is a complete fabrication on my part. It is, however, inspired by the fact that my friend Catherine, who is totally blind, has had multiple public experiences in her more adventurous past...though nothing quite this audacious...probably. It also represents my best, however imperfect, attempt to reproduce her own unique "voice" in my writing, although I intended that the gender of the characters should remain somewhat ambiguous until near the end. In fact, Catherine's companion could be anyone...even you! Just imagine if you could talk her into that walk home...and what might happen next. She could be any age...but I'm guessing Catherine would have been more likely to have done something like this from, say, 18 to 23 years old....



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