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Plan for Today.

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Another lovely day. Brighton beckons!


Another sunny warm day, and I've just showered and picked out a linen summer dress. It's white and I know that with the sun behind me, it's almost transparent. 

This one needs a careful choice of panties. Almost everything shows through, and I've even worn black ones underneath this before, just for the shock effect, but today, I'm going for nothing at all. 

Most girls I know keep tampons, towels, and spare knicks in their bags....accidents happen....and I'm no different, so if I change my mind, I've got it covered. 

God I'm horny today? I can't seem to keep myself dry down there! This is unfortunate, as I have an appointment where my quim will be out on show! I'm having permanent hair removal done thanks to my lovely sister. Shaving is ok, but razor rash is a bitch!

I am shopping today and in my mind, I am in a clothes shop, mooching around, picking things I want to try on, there's an assistant in one shop I'm going to who I would lick out in a heartbeat. She is dead fucking gorgeous, and makes me wet up just thinking about her.....in fact....oh fuck....I'm oozing again right now. 

I'm imagining she is on fitting room duty, and she checks me in with a couple of dresses. This shop only has thin curtains over the fitting room doors, and they don't hide much. I'm imagining her looking at me as I take this dress off. She catches her breath as she sees I'm naked underneath, 

Now, you men probably don't know this, but females masturbate in fitting rooms more often than you might think. I've certainly heard the unmistakable sounds of a girl getting herself off many times, and it wouldn't be the first time I've heard a couple fucking either. But back to my imagination. 

She's staring at me through a crack in the curtain. I don't close it. Instead, I sit in the chair and lean back. I know she can see me, but equally, I know she can't do anything about it. I start to caress my breasts, my tiny, pointy little tits. Fuck, those nipple piercings work! The pleasure/pain of them is perfect. I spread my legs, and I see her eyes dart down to my quim. She could walk in and throw me out of the store at any time, but I see her wet her lips with her tongue and know that somehow, she won't.

I start to finger myself, looking down at myself as two fingers worm up my wet, receptive hole. I keep the, there as I doddle my clit. I look directly into her eyes. I wonder how she is feeling under her tights? I've seen up her skirt a couple,of,times when she's helped me find stuff in the store, and I know that sometimes, she doesn't wear panties, se sheer black tights. If she hasn't got panties on today, she's going to be in a mess down there. I imagine the nylon glistening with her wetness, and it sends a little shudder through me. But then, I imagine how she will smell by the end of the day. Hot, sweaty, and cummy! The essential,scent of a woman who needs a good fucking. I see an engagement ring, and I wonder if she is engaged to a girl or,a guy? If it's a guy, his feet won't touch the floor when they meet up after work. She will have him up against a wall she's so horny right now. 

I imagine that hot, sweaty scent, and I imagine burying my face in it, breathing in her sweat, her cunt, her faint piss scent, and it sends me over. I curl up as i cum, and I send a thin stream onto the fitting room floor. I am desperate to close my legs, but I force them to remain open so she can see me convulse, see me squirt, my last erotic thought is me sucking her clean immediately after she has had a pee, and it give me yet another aftershock of orgasm.

I rise from my bed, and at least I can make my appointment now without creaming all over the girl who will attack me with her laser. I needed to masturbates before getting the bus. 

And I plan to visit that clothes store when I'm done. Who knows....my fantasy may yet come true!



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