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'Picnic in the Grass' for Tiffany

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I like pubic hair.


In response to Tiffany's request for help March 20, don't shave simply to please someone else that you think wants to see your pussy shaved. Please yourself and tell the rest to walk off into the sunset, jump in a lake, or go fly a kite. Seeing shaved pussy's in Playboy or other men's magazines doesn't do a thing for me because it makes the females look immature, girlish, and ineligible for mating. Males who require females to shave their pubic hair must be fantasizing about raping a minor. Molesting minors can make a male end up in prison. It's the pubic hair that makes a female look mature enough to go looking for a mate and eligible to produce offspring.
When my wife calls her pubic hair a 'briar patch,' I beg her not to call it a derogatory term. Because my wife's crotch is so very special to me, I tell her to rather call it her Love Nest instead. Thankfully my wife has never shaved her hair off her Love Nest. She'll trim it short nearest the inside edges of the vaginal lips so it doesn't curl in and scratch when I'm tickling her clit, sucking or licking her clit, or pumping my love wand in and out, but she does not cut her pubic hair short enough to be itchy nor scratchy.
When she's lying flat on her back with her legs together, I can't see her vaginal lips (I don't like the terms 'slit' or 'crack.'), but certainly do enjoy seeing and running my fingers across and through her Love Nest! Even now while typing about it, in my mind's eye I can see her fuzz and my manhood is taking note, making me stiffen my spine!
When she's not in the mood for me to suck on her clit and lick it, I'll ask her if I can at least put my cheeks on her Love Nest! (My manhood is getting excited as I'm typing, but I'll try to finish before I have to stop typing and take care of his needs.) When I brush my cheeks and eyes and ears and lips across her fuzzies, I'll tell her 'You're tickling me!' and moan or coo in enjoyment and say 'Oh, wow!' to let her know that I love her tickling my face passively!

Sometimes when she's ready for intercourse and turned on my side to her, she'll turn on her side facing me, grab my wand, and start rubbing it across her bush to make the end of my manhood tickle. Now that's a feeling she could only give me otherwise by putting her head against my crotch and rubbing my wand with her hair. The rest of her body is so smooth and exciting to rub my love wand against that I don't need to have her pussy shaved yet also for me to slick my wand back and forth to get excited. When she's asleep, sometimes I'll rub my wand across her smooth thighs or buttocks long enough to make my love cream come shooting out! I'll catch my cream in my hand so the sheets and her body aren't all messy. Then I'll eat it so there's no trace in the morning that I creamed.
She's a woman, not a girl, and I would heartily object to her shaving her vaginal lips just for me! I like and want them just as they are! I like to see and touch her pubic hair. Her fuzzy hair is exciting to me and when she won't let my put my face into her crotch, I may at least brush my face in her hair to feel it tickle all over my face and around it! It tickles my face so good that I want more of her! I want to brush my face against her pubic hair!
In spring, summer, and fall, when I'm ready for slipping my shaft into her Love Canal, I'll ask if I can 'play ball in her ball park on the grass!' Or on a cold winter night, I may ask if I can 'park my car in her heated garage!' If my manhood is not already standing at attention by the time I'm through playing with her breasts and brushing my cheeks against them and my eyes and my ears and kissing them and sucking the tip to make them stand up like cheeries, then the other half of the preparation to get my manhood to stand at attention is to see her pubic hair when she's still holding her legs together and locking shut her treasure chest!
I hope this is enough to convince young girls like Tiffany (15) not to shave their vaginal lips for someone else, thinking that then they'll be attracted to you. If all they want is to see and touch your shaved pussy, they don't really want you for a long-range relationship. They just want to get high from you for a while before they go roaming to find someone else who will turn them on for a while, and then go find yet another. That's 'playing the field' and not respeting a female for who she is.
Trim your Love Nest as you like it. The rest can go get lost. Trimming your Love Nest as you like it will make your pubic area most exciting for you to enjoy yourself without someone else dictating to you what to do. It's when you find yourself exciting, that you'll enjoy making love to yourself and enjoy the thrills that only your body can give you! Study all of your body in the mirror to appreciate what our Creator gave you and tickle your clit to enjoy all that your body is capable of! Happy tickling! RC



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