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Personification Of Mother Nature

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Mother Nature goes by several names. Gaia in Greek mythology, Asase Afua in Akan, and Bhumi in Hinduism. Our eager traveler, Kindle, wanted to relieve some of the stress she had built up during her hike. Only to find herself face to face with the essence of Mother Nature.

With my eyes closed and a deep inhale, my lungs filled with the crisp spring air, making my heart skip a beat in anticipation for what was to come. I relaxed as a nice breeze blew across my freckled face. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing erect as I shuddered from the kiss. I was happy and content, but I longed for more. I took my first few steps blind, and the sounds of dirt and gravel faded with each stride of my boots. I opened my eyes.


The morning mist gently veiled the rising sun's golden beams as they peeked through the forest canopy. I yanked on my backpack's straps, securing it in place as I continued down the gravel path. admiring the surrounding greenery. My hand floated across the numerous leaves and branches I passed, catching the morning dew on my fingers and toying with Mother Nature. She understood, as I did, what my true intentions were. Hike through her lush forest, feel her full embrace, and become lost in the splendors of what she could only provide.



I could feel my body warming up behind the several layers of clothing as I traversed the rocky landscape, up and down the sloping path. I came to a halt at a fork in the trail, placing my backpack down and leaning against the sign that indicated the difficulty of the several routes ahead of me. Shedding my black windbreaker and tying it around my waist, the sweet breeze blew away the heat, making me tremble at the chilling touch. I reached into my bag, took out a container of water, and sucked on the nipple as I considered which path I would traverse.



If I walked left, I was promised an easier and faster trek, but I would miss out on the gorgeous scenery snuggled within Gaia's bosom. Throwing my backpack over my shoulders, I proceeded down the right path as a breeze blew past me, tossing my strawberry hair in praise of my choice. However, I was faced with a difficult incline ahead of me. The hill had a steady ascent of rocks and boulders, so I had to plan my steps and secure a stable footing before continuing on. My legs would contract and release with each stride along the rough hill, generating heat in my core and thighs. My breathing was shallow and measured to help boost me toward the crest, and I could feel myself getting excited at the prospect of reaching the summit. I huffed and puffed my way up the hill, sweat flowing down the side of my flushed cheeks, till I eventually stood at the top, hunched over, hands on my knees, smiling.



I stood tall, soaking up the fresh air as I gazed at the breathtaking view before me. The trail ahead was lined with tall trees, shrubs covered with beautiful berries, and flowers. As I strolled along the road in silence, my ears focused on the many songs the birds were singing, taking in every note I could. Their lyrics were chipper as I traipsed down the trail, but then I came to a halt, ears pricked, the steady flow of a nearby creek calling to me. Turning toward where I heard the stream, I bounced forward until I broke through the tree line. The crick was wide with protruding boulders, and a few trees hung on the brink, their roots plunging in to drink from the water.



I dropped my backpack down on the forest floor and sat on a fallen oak, untying and kicking off my boots before stuffing them with my socks. My fingers tucked beneath the hem of my tank top and tugged up against my body, snagging my sports bra in the process. My breasts bounced free. I stood up, unbuttoning my khakis and pushing my thumbs beneath the waistbands of my pants and panties. With one swift motion, I was completely naked. As I stood bare before the world, a shiver ran down my spine as a gentle breeze kissed and licked my skin.



I wiggled my toes, relishing the soft, mossy surface of the forest floor and watching the flow of the creek in front of me. Taking a few steps forward, doing my best to avoid any uncomfortable twigs or pebbles piercing my soft soles, I was at the water’s edge. When I dipped a single toe into the freezing water, I felt a surge of goosebumps run up my body. My nipples became erect. I took a few quick breaths to psych myself up before walking farther in. Hurrying into the center of the crick, knee deep, and taking a full breath. I plunged my bare bottom into the stream.



My mouth agape as air escaped my lungs from the startling pass of water that engulfed my lower extremities. I sat on the rock bed, legs spread. Gaia's liquid form was fondling and kissing my thighs, pussy, and ass, which took my breath away. I could feel the fire growing inside me, competing with the cold for my attention. My wet and chilly fingers gripped and twisted my nipples, fueling my cravings. I couldn't handle it anymore.



I rose up, dripping wet, and waded back to shore. Looking around and pondering my options, I wanted to do more than just get off. My gaze fell on the fallen log that my clothing and backpack were resting on. It bowed upward, and when I approached to look closer, I discovered a knot. I ran my hand over the bowing trunk, which was harsh to the touch but full of possibilities. My thoughts wandered. Perhaps my clothes would suffice. No, the texture was wrong. Maybe if I moved slowly enough, I could escape the painful splinters? I'd rather not risk it. I pondered my predicament until my wriggly toes offered their own answer. I looked down and saw Gaia's soft, mossy bush, offering me her services.



After finding a large enough piece of moss and placing it onto the fallen tree to cover the jutting nub, I threw my leg over and was ready to ride. I carefully lowered my ginger bush to the soft surface, resting my clit on the slope of the bulge. Ready to start a fire, I leaned forward, rested my hands on the trunk, and began grinding. Slow at first. Each forward stroke pushes my button, while each downward stroke rubs my bud. My breathing became shallow as I lost myself in the silky fur.



With each trust, I felt my momentum increase as my clit quivered from the various tugging and pushing sensations. My feet pushed off the muddy surface, my toes pressing in to provide more support as my humping increased in intensity. I could feel my thighs, ass, and core burning once more. It was as if I were climbing the slope that brought me here. I found myself eager to reach the summit again. The height of ecstasy. Huffing and puffing and moaning, I could feel my face and chest become flushed. My thighs clenched the moss-covered tree, shaking as I let out a series of moans from my climax, which cascaded down my lower back and legs.



I lay forward, loosening my grip on the root. The mossy nub pressed on my flaming bulb as I rested on the trunk and closed my eyes like a contented bear. A lovely breeze blew past, and I felt a few leaves fall on my warm and radiating body. Gaia's encouragement was subtle, but it was enough to give me a second wind, and my hips resumed swaying back and forth across the velvet surface. I did not dare to push off the log. No, I lazily humped my way to another orgasm.



After recovering, I sat up and looked down to see my own morning dew glistening on the moss. I laid back against the log, gazing up at the canopy. I was reveling in Gaia's magnificence and the orgasms she so graciously gave me. I was pleased.


"Hello?" A voice rang out.


The unfamiliar voice startled me, so I sat up and covered myself. I looked to the left. A woman emerged from the tree line, a pleasant smile on her face and black curly hair highlighted with silver streaks falling down her shoulders. I could feel my face flushing from being in such a vulnerable state, and I was worried about how much she had seen.



Returning her smile with a timid look, "Hello," I answered meekly. "I was just." I was about to explain myself when she intervened.


"It's okay, child," she said sweetly. "Nature has a way of stripping us of our inhibitions." She walked in front of me, heading towards the brook.


Her flowing white dress obscured her feet, and the hem had become muddied. She appeared to float across the forest floor, only to pause at the creek's brink, her hands clasped together. My mind wondered how she managed to ascend the hill dressed as she was.


"What's your name?" My voice cracked as I gazed at the stranger.


"Asase, dear," she said without turning around to face me. "And you are?" Her question was soft and carried by a gentle breeze.


"Kindle," I replied simply.


She turned to face me and said, "Beautiful name, Kindle."



Asase moved closer to me. Her face was elegantly aged, with laugh lines around her lips and little crow's feet around her almond-shaped eyes. She had natural beauty. Standing a few steps away from me, I felt myself relax as her presence was soothing and warm, as if I didn't have to hide myself from her.



"I'm guessing you are wondering why I am here and how much I have seen." She cocked her head slightly, just like a dog might when cooed. My silence answered her inquiry. "The melody from your lips called out to me." She moved closer, at the foot of the log, and I looked up at her. "And the gentle sway of your hips beckoned me forth." Her emerald eyes greeted me.



There was no doubt she had witnessed and heard what I had done, but how? I did not hear or see anyone else on the trail. Typically, weekdays meant solitude from other hikers. As I gazed up at Asase, I was having trouble coming up with questions or even responses. I was speechless.



"May I join you?" Asase asked, gesturing to the log I was seated on, the soft moss tickling me beneath.



I stuttered before clearing my throat. "Yes, please." I murmured, seeing Asase reach behind her back with one hand and tug a single thread free.



Her dress straps became slack, and she tugged with little effort, causing the garment to fall to the floor, revealing her dark-golden form. Her breasts were the size of large apples, coming to the points of dark chocolate puffs. She appeared bountiful and soft. She sat on the log facing me, our knees almost touching, and I could feel the heat emanating from her body and enveloping mine.


Asase reached across and caressed my cheek with the back of her fingers, brushing my hair away from my face and behind my ear before trailing down my delicate jawline. Lifting my chin, her gaze strayed, as if she were studying me.


"Kindle, would you like to feast on nature's bounty?" Asase diverted my attention to her eyes. "To frolic in her garden?" She drew closer to me, her glossy, dark, round lips just inches away from mine. "To suckle from her bosom and savor the flavor of her nectar?" Her words were seldom a whisper.



With anticipation of consuming this exquisite woman before me, my mouth began to water. As she spoke, my loins burned with want, and my fingers begged me to reach out and grab her ample breasts. My tongue wanted to lick and savor her flavor. I wanted to experience what she was offering.



"Yes, Asase." My words left my tongue before I leant in for a kiss.



I was nervous as I explored her lips with mine. She nibbled on my lower lip before pulling back and releasing me. "Do not be bashful, dear," she said as she moved in and kissed my neck, giving me chills. "Feed upon what you desire most." Her hands gripped my waist.



Asase fueled the flames within me, and my lips embraced hers passionately. Our tongues welcomed each other in the middle, moving about in harmony. She was sweet to taste. Our breathing grew laborious, requiring us to separate for a little respite before reuniting. My eyes were closed, engrossed in our kiss. I felt her hands on my thigh and neck. I reached out and found her breast. I couldn't fully grasp her since she was too big for my hand. Cupping and squeezing till my thumb and index finger pressed against her chocolate nipple. Asase withdrew our kiss, pressing her forehead against mine and sighing with pleasure.



Asase stood up from the log with a mischievous grin and headed towards the tree line, aware that I was watching her hips sway as she went. She paused and returned her gaze to me, who was seated on the log, missing her warm tongue. She raised her hand, beckoning me to follow her before moving deeper within. With a big smile, I leaped off the log and dashed after her, my heart pumping with excitement. She appeared to move so effortlessly among the trees, and just when I thought I'd lost her, I'd catch a sight of her golden form tempting me along her path.



Thinking she had gotten the best of me, I wandered into a stunning meadow of deep lavender, with her at the center. As we walked through the violet grassland, the grass and flowers tickled and teased my thighs, and she reached out for me. I wrapped my freckled arms around her, kissing and caressing her body as she did mine. I was not going to let her escape again. I pulled her down to the grassy floor, straddling her thigh and licking her nipple. She grabbed my head and ass, sighing with joy at my actions.



My lips tugged on her nipple before releasing it and smiling down at her. Her delighted face distorted into pleasure as she felt my hand comb through her dense garden. My fingertips brushed across her silky, curling hair until I discovered the lips between her hips. Warm to the touch, I tentatively fingered her slit, feeling her sticky eagerness collect on my fingertip. I took my hand away and sucked my finger clean, tasting a touch of her nectar. Wanting more, I let go of her thigh and laid down in front of her pussy.


Asase propped herself up on her elbows. Her emerald eyes watched me kiss up and down her inner thigh, getting closer to her waiting pussy. My fingers combed and split her bush; her plump labia and her vibrant pink center were revealed. I opened my mouth and widened my tongue, lapping her pussy from base to clit. She tasted wonderful, and her moans were music to my ears.


"Such a thirsty girl," Asase murmured, moving my hair away from my face. "Eat to your heart's content." Her head dropped back, eliciting a loud groan as my tongue flicked her clit.



I buried my face in her thighs. My tongue massaged her clit as I was taken in by the scent and taste. I could hear and feel her writhing in ecstasy, holding the back of my head as her body shook violently. I pulled away to see, and when I saw her pussy gleaming with honey, my mouth returned to suck her dry. She was endless.



I slid back up to her, dragging my body against hers, and threw my leg back over her thigh. Kissing her ravenously and grinding myself against her, she pressed her thigh up against me, forcing me to use my hands to keep from toppling over. Her lips clung to my nipple as her hands clapped around my ass, urging me on. The raised angle at which her thigh was positioned made my humping effortless. I moaned and purred as I moved up and down her leg. Her tongue sucked on my little breast. My legs clenched around her thigh, and my orgasm surged throughout my entirety. I went silent as I felt waves of ecstasy rush through me. Asase held me against her body and kissed my neck. I became limp and slumped on top of her, breathing heavily.



Asase flipped me over onto my back while still in her arms. The soft grassy surface tickled my backside, and our eyes locked briefly, exploring the depths of our souls. She moved in for a kiss, her hands slowly exploring my body.



"Close your eyes, dear Kindle." Her soft breath whispered in my ear. I obliged, my mind racing as I wondered what her plans were.



Asase's lips moved down my neck, past my collar, and she licked my nipples. I choked on my breath as her tongue swirled over my delicate nubs. My spirit was ravenous, but my body ached from the amount of stimulation I'd already had, and I knew I was nearing my limit. Each brush, stroke, and touch Asase placed on me was a bolt of lightning. I felt her presence near my pulsating pussy. Her fingers trailed along my inner thigh, causing me to twitch.



"My, your lips match those of your flaming bush," Asase expressed before licking my clit, making me whine in pleasure and pain. "Keep your eyes closed, Kindle." Her lips locked on to my clit.



I could feel her lips around my clit as her tongue struck with unwavering force. There was no gradual buildup as each flick shook my body, and I could feel tears forming from the tremendous level of pleasure I was feeling. My ass lifted off the grassy surface, taking her face on a trip as I cried out in ecstasy. I saw the stars before I passed out.



I opened my eyes in a euphoric haze. I stretched and yawned. "Asase?" I called out, getting up and glancing around, only to find myself alone with the sun setting behind the trees.



I stood up in the midst of the meadow and yelled out to her. No response. A pleasant breeze blew past me, sending me back in the same direction I had come from. I walked deliberately back to the creek, where I had left my backpack and clothes. I glanced around for Asase, but she was nowhere to be found, not even in her white dress, from which she had disrobed. Hours had gone by, and I needed to return before it was too late for me to safely navigate the trail. I hurriedly dressed myself before finding the trail I had deviated from and returning down the hill I had ascended earlier in the day. The birds were silent, the crickets chirped, and the air was still. This time of day had a peaceful atmosphere, but the events that occurred bewildered me.



It wasn't until I arrived home, took a hot shower, and went to bed that my mind strayed and replayed the day. Did I actually meet someone? Was this euphoric amnesia? What the hell happened? I could not sleep. I noticed my phone was nearly dead and reached for my charger, only to find I had left it in my backpack. When I got out of bed, I found my bag resting against my dresser. When I reached into the bag to get my charger, I felt something I hadn't packed. I pulled out the strange fabric, and to my disbelief, it was Asase's dress.




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