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Pen Pals

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This story took place (and still does) during the summer. Enjoy!


When I was younger, my parents noticed my interest in foreign lands and the people that live there. I loved hearing thick accents and hearing about stories from their homeland, provided that they speak English of course. My parents thought it would be a good idea to get me a pen pal, so they signed me up for a pen pal program and I got to start talking with them within days. His name is Adolpho and he is Brazilian (He is my age). When we first started, he used mainly an online translator but he has been taking English classes and can speak English surprisingly well. We talked about each other's culture, what we eat, and how we live our lives. He talked about all the parties he had with his family and also how important family is in Brazil. We would also exchange pictures of each others travels. He has a dark tan and curly dark brown hair. He is very handsome! After a few years, I begged my parents for another pen pal so I could start a three way pen pal group so to speak. This time, I got an Indian girl named Mira. She was also my age. I always believed her name sounded American but she insisted it was Indian. She already spoke English very well because her parents had once lived in America but had since moved to India. Her parents, consequently, had been extremely Americanized and don't always dress in customary Indian clothing. We also exchanged pictures and she was very beautiful! I eventually introduced Adolpho and Mira to each other and they quickly became great friends.

Now to more recent times. Adolpho and I were starting to generate feelings for each other. It started when Adolpho started working out and he finally got a web camera. His muscles made his already gorgeous body even more beautiful. Our webcam chats went from story telling and 'How was your day?' to flirting and 'Your eyes look beautiful.' Mira also got a webcam and we did three way webcam chats. She also noticed this apparent flirting and would go into private chat and discuss it with me. After our private chat, we went back to the group chat and oddly enough, both Mira and Adolpho had some news to break.

'Hey, you guys, my parents haven't been going to our temple lately and have suddenly decided to convert to Christianity. The good thing is that they want to move to America again!' Mira's voice got really loud and we both started screaming. Adolpho had a grin on his face and we both congratulated her.

'Well, I have news too. It's not really news but an idea instead. My dad travels a lot within Brazil and the surrounding countries and I asked him if we could go to America. He said yes so may-' Adolpho was interrupted but intense screaming again by Mira and myself.

'I never thought this would happen! That all three of us could finally meet in person!' I screamed. My mom entered into my room and asked what all the screaming and hollering was for.

'Adolpho and Mira are coming to the States! Yay!' I yelled and hugged my mom.

'Oh that is so great! I can't wait to finally meet them! Are they just visiting?' she asked.

'Well, Mira is moving here and converting to Christianity and Adolpho is traveling with his father,' I answered. My mom continued saying that was great and she couldn't wait.

The next few days, all we could do is talk about this momentous event. We even met each others parents! We did a giant family session with Mira and her family, Adolpho and his dad, and Me with my parents. We talked, we laughed, and we made plans. Mira was going to move this summer and Adolpho and his dad were flexible so we set up a summer long list of fun thing to do together. Since Adolpho and his dad would have to stay for the whole summer, we offered to let them stay with us in our house. Things only got better when Mira's parents told us where they were moving to, Raleigh, North Carolina! Her dad is a doctor and Raleigh is the perfect place on the east coast for doctors with Duke and all the nearby hospitals. My dad is also a doctor so that is why we live in Raleigh too. Our list of fun things included Disney World, Washington D.C., New York City, Niagra Falls, and Colonial Williamsburg on the East Coast and Seattle, Las Vegas, Sea World, Long Beach, and San Francisco on the West Coast.

The summer started and Mira arrived to RDU within a few days after the first day of summer. We greeted her and her family, all dressed in very typical American clothing. Mira and her family were even more beautiful in person. She has three younger brothers whom she mentioned and I saw pictures of. They are very energetic and very interested in American culture. Her parents are very young and richer than I expected, but after all, her dad is a doctor. Adolpho and his dad were still on the way because they drove north and visited all the countries along the way. Supposedly, they were entering Mexico heading for Mexico City Airport to fly the rest of the way when Mira's family arrived. We followed them to the house they had purchased online. Once we arrived, we realized how rich they were. It is easily much larger than ours; however, they needed it with six people. They had already had quite a bit of furniture moved in somehow so they were already set to live. We agreed to wait for Adolpho and his dad before starting.

A week later, Mira's family and my family greeted Adolpho and his dad to America. His dad was much older than my parents but very young and charming inside. He spoke much less English but was still mostly understandable. We all went to My house for a special dinner party and sleepover. My parents had prepared a wonderful dinner of one of the most American meals I know, burgers! We weren't sure if Mira and her family would start eating meat now so we took precautions and prepared some veggie burgers and lots of vegetables: beans, cole slaw, corn, and french fries. Everyone loved to meals and it was especially cute to hear all of Mira's brothers beg their mom to eat meat. With burgers made of beef, it was hard for her but she gave in and they took at it like crazy! Mira and her parents refused to eat the beef burgers and ate the veggie burgers instead. The night concluded with Mira's parents leaving and the other parents asleep with the rest of us staying up late talking and catching up. We showed each other stuff that was hard to see in the cameras and talked about America so far. Before it got dark, I showed them some American sports like basketball and baseball. We walked to the park and I taught them the basics of each sport. They had heard of each but never played either. Mira could identify baseball with cricket since they are so similar. Adolpho was naturally athletic and had been working out lately so picking up new sports was a snap for him. Adolpho also brought a soccer ball with Brazil's colors on it and he taught us soccer. I am also somewhat athletic so soccer was somewhat easy but I hadn't used my feet for many sports lately. Mira had also seen soccer so she picked it up easily. Once it got dark and we got tired, the lights kicked on and we plopped down on the grass. We stared into the starry night sky and told each other our wildest dreams and secrets.

'You know, I think stars are one of the most beautiful things on earth, so beautiful that just looking at them can make someone happy. However, they aren't the most beautiful things on earth. They come second to you, Jeri,' confessed Adolpho. I blushed and Mira giggled.

'Why thank you, Adolpho,' I said flattered.

'Mira, you are beautiful too! I am sorry I didn't say anything of you too. Would it be alright if I cooked a tradition Brazilian feast tomorrow for both of you?' asked Adolpho. He obviously got his charm from his father.

'I would love that! And thank you, Adolpho,' replied Mira. I nodded too and we stayed in the grass telling more dreams. A few minutes later, Adolpho started to add more to this proposal.

'My dad said I should ask since I have finally become of age and you are both very beautiful, but would you two like to make love with me?' he asked sincerely. Mira's and my eyes suddenly widened. Everything went silent for a while as Mira and I tried to find the right thing to say. Adolpho asked again.

'Aren't we a little young to have sex?' I finally responded. Adolpho still felt like sex at our age was OK.

'My dad said after I turned 14, I am allowed to make love with anyone close in age, as long as I ask him first. I didn't actually ask him, he mentioned it to me. I always thought you two were special so I thought it was a great idea,' he explained.

'I don't think my parents would like that. Even if we didn't tell them, I would feel bad,' I said. He looked sad and disappointed but he suddenly turned that frown upside down.

'What about, uh, masturbation? Is that how you say it? I do that all the time with myself and I can't imagine how it could be that bad. Please?' he begged. I became flattered again. I gave in and he started begging Mira. She must have still been hesitant.

'Come on Mira! It will probably be real fun and no harm done. There shouldn't be any accidents or problems. Please?' I couldn't believe I was asking another girl to masturbate with me but I was.

'Ok, I guess I could do it. Does Christianity have rules against this stuff?' she asked.

'I doubt it,' I answered.

'Last one naked in Jeri's room is a rotten egg!' yelled Adolpho. We all got up and ran to my house and then to my room. It was pretty far away so Adolpho had plenty of time to get there before us. Mira and I jogged together so we could share the rotten egg responsibilities. We eventually reached my room and we slid into the room in case Adolpho was already naked. He was, of course. He was already stroking his beautiful probably six inch dick. It was darker tan and had a relatively red head. He was laying on my bed on his back.

'Do you like my cock?' he asked.

'Yeah, it's pretty good. I've never seen one before,' I answered.

'I've seen my brothers' but that's nothing compared to this,' commented Mira.

'Go ahead, please get naked and make masturbation,' he said. He was definitely unfamiliar with the English word. I undressed quickly and stood waiting for Mira to undress. She undressed. Her body was very beautiful. Her breasts were about slightly smaller than mine and I got a little breast envy. Her boobs were gorgeous. They were perfectly sized and shaped.

'I like both of your bodies! Mira, your tits are really nice! Jeri, your butt is perfect! Come on now, lay down beside me and put your finger in yourself,' he insisted. I guess this was just the start, because I expected him to finger me. We happily laid down beside him and fingered ourselves. I was getting really wet from seeing all these body parts so this felt really good. It felt even better because I had almost forgotten how it feels to masturbate. I hadn't done it in so long. Adolpho leaned over to kiss me and we started making out. I rolled over on top of him but made sure his penis stayed away from my vulva. He rolled me off of him and rolled on top of me. He was a very good kisser! He kissed my lips then my cheek, then ears, neck, and eventually my boobs. He made circles around my nipples with his tongue and that really made my body jolt. I continued fingering myself when he stopped me and fingered me instead. It felt really good! I had never imagined that masturbation could feel this good! I called Mira over because she looked lonely and asked her to kiss me. I had my first kiss with a girl and I liked it! It wasn't much different, but hey, it was a girl. Kinda kinky in my opinion. She straddled me and also licked my boobs while Adolpho fingered her too. I think he also stuck his fingers in her butt because she jumped a little at first but got used to it. I played with her perfect boobs a little bit and boy were they perfect! They had that perfect bounce. It also helped that this was all interracial so that added to the kinkiness. Mira turned around and started making out with Adolpho and I got from under them and jacked him off. We quickly realized this didn't work. We made him lay down on the bed and I got his dick and she got his mouth. I stroke that beautiful cock. I almost wanted to kiss it but I new that was 'sex' and I would still feel wrong about it, as if what we were doing then wasn't wrong enough. I stroked it with my right hand and fingered myself with my left hand. Mira then straddled Adolpho so he could be smothered by her and feel her boobs against his chest. I stuck my left fingers into her vagina and fingered her instead. His dick started pulsing and he started yelling.

'Move Mira! I'm about to, um,' he couldn't find the word but she got the idea and rolled off of him. He ejaculated all over his chest and eventually it dribbled into my hands. I licked what was on my hands. It was kinda salty but it was Ok. Mira licked his belly clean in a sexy-like pose. When she finished, we asked him what to do now.

'Well, you two need to, uh orgasmo? Is that right? Anyways, if you need help, I'd be happy to,' he suggested.

'Yeah, I've orgasmed before but it's easiest with one of my dildos. Here let me get them,' I said. I found them under the bed and gave Mira one of them. I thought when you licked my nipples, that felt really good! Try that again,' I suggested. Mira and I laid down right beside each other so Adolpho could alternate easily. Since I could have something with some mass in my vagina, I knew an orgasm would be coming soon. The wet nipples from his saliva helped big time. I started slow as I normally do and I helped Mira a bit since she had never used one. She eventually got the hang so I let her be and I sped up. The dildo was feeling really good, then better, and then my body finally exploded and buckled as I had an orgasm. I stopped as my body contracted and I soaked in the tingling sensation. Adolpho realized I had finished so he focused on Mira only. I help in and made out with her and touched her body. I wiped my hand across her belly to tickle the sensitive hairs and eventually grasped the other breast, all while our tongues exchanged saliva. I pinched her nipple, cupped the breast, and even let her finger me in case she needed to please someone else to please herself. That seemed to be the trick because after she fingered me for half a minute or so, she had her orgasm and her cute body contracted.

It was so late that night, none of us really moved much afterward except all three of us beside of each other naked and us girls half on top of Adolpho. It was equally one of my greatest nights ever. I say equally because we did this many times throughout our summer fun. After the summer is over, we plan to continue to talk with Adolpho online but we will masturbate with each other whenever we feel like it. Of course, Mira and I plan to actually masturbate each other in person often since we live so close now.

'So, mue filho, did you make love with the girls?' asked Adolpho's dad. He told us about this conversation after he had it after the special night. He translated it for us.

'No dad, they said they were too young.'

'You are not too young! You are 15 and you haven't had one girl yet! There is no reason for you to wait because they think they are too young!'

'Dad, don't worry. I still masturbated them. It was still lots of fun even though it wasn't sex. We plan on doing it again.'

'Ah, now that is my boy!'



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