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Peeing From the 3rd Floor

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This is best as I can recall my mutual masturbation experineces with a hyper-active kid.


All through my school years I was a 'looker', basically that means while using the urinals in the bathrooms I looked over to see the next boys penis. Up until second grade I could be very obvious about it. I remember some boys would allow me to stand next to them at the urinals and literally watch every drop of urine come out, it was not a sexual thing but I was just curious. By the 3rd grade and certainly by late elementary, jr.high and beyond I had to be more discrete about doing this, so rather than looking I had perfected the glance. Anyway that is how I was but it's not the entire story. My dad was trying to make friends with his new boss and his boss had a son who was totally uninhibited I am not talking sexually I mean in every way, if he wanted to say something he'd say it whether it was innapropriate or not, I think he had mental problems but my dad wanted me to be friends with him regardless. He was a blackish/whitish (mixed race) kid. The first time I met him we were on the campus of a community college on a weekend. (Now in order not to make a long story even longer I will just tell you that the reason we were on a college campus is it had to do with construction... and by the way I go to that college now)We were given some money for the vending machines and we were wandering around the campus and decided to get on this elevator and go up to the 3rd floor (the highest) and when we got up there Bill was really annoying me because he kept throwing things off the ledge and spitting but then he asked if I dared him to take a leak off the 3rd floor. When he said that my heart started racing because I knew I would get to see his penis but I didn't want to get caught with him peeing off the 3rd floor of a building. Before I could say anything he pulled out his penis and I had a full view of his it as well as his testicles. His was the first foreskin I ever saw, I estimtate his hanging penis was between 4.75 and possibly 5.5 inches either way it was bigger than mine. His testicles were browner than the rest of his body. He had brown straight pubic hair. Anyway he urinated getting some of it down to the ground below and the rest pooled on the walkway into a yellow bubbling puddle. This was a weekend and nobody was at the college (not many people anyway). Bill noticed me staring and he got an erection and said 'look at this hard on, pull yours out I know you have a hard on too'
So I pulled my penis out and he said it was 'chopped off' which was his way of saying circumcised then we both got into touching each other and he asked me if I ever made sperm and I answered no (which was true) that is when he started jerking like crazy and a minute later I saw all this gooey stuff coming out of him he tried to grab my penis but I wouldn't let him. Anyway when we got back with our parents and went out to eat I thought I was going to die because Bill kept talking about it not directly in front of our dad's but in thinly veiled code references that luckily I don't think our dad's picked up. The next day I saw Bill and I let him masturbate me and I ejaculated for the first time. I would see Bill about once a month until my dad found another job and everytime we got together we would masturbate together atleast once.



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