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Patty Ann And The Backdoor Man

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My high school sweetheart introduces me to anal finger play...

My very most favorite girlfriend when I attended Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson High School (yes, there was such a thing) was Patty Ann. She was a smart, funny, cheerful girl with a quick wit and a hot body. And she loved to get together and masturbate together in the back seat of her dad's Nash Rambler station wagon.


PA had one hard limit; no penile penetration of her lovely body. Rubbing, sliding, and squirting all over everything, but no insertion of the averti dick. Period. I  don't know if she wa!s 'saving' herself or whatever, but the things we WERE doing were plenty enough to suit me.



One evening I was rubbing her fleshy bubble butt when she suddenly said, "How would it be if you were to stick your finger in my ass?"



What a great question! What was I going to reply, "No thanks, think ill pass??" Now I had fooled around with her little pink starfish before, stroked it, licked it,  even bestowed a kind of French Kiss -- MWAA!!! -- but never any penetrated action. Well how!



I placed my index finger in my mouth and got it all slobbery and ready for plugging in, Patty Ann was kinda draped over the seat with her knees up around her ears and her anus staring me in the face... I approached the secret nether hole with my wet finger and began to lightly stroke...



"Stop playing around and stick it in!" she yelped. I did as I was told. I resolutely slid the entire finger up her rectum like a knife into a sheath. Man, was it hot and snug in there!



PA wriggled like a fresh caught fish and let out a wail I was sure could be heard for miles around. She positively YANKED open her vulva and started finger banging her clit like she had a grudge against it, while I continued to finger-fuck her butt with gusto.



All too soon my girlfriend came, almost squeezing my poor finger flat, pulled it out with a pop! after she relaxed into a panting, satisfied heap..



All through the rest of our relationship,  I never did get my dick into Patty Ann, but ass fingering became a major part of our sex play, our dirty little shared secret...I can still see that cute pink pucker in my mind's eye...







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