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Party Fun

I am not a lesbian, this was just fun...


I had just turned 18 when this happened. It was one evening and I was getting ready to go to a house party at my friend Mel's. I'd done my hair put on my make up...put a low cut top on with a hanging edge from where you could just see the top part of my bra and some smart shoes and a denim skirt.

As soon as I got to the party I realised it there were going to be no men there, about 8 of us were sat in the lounge and I was introduced to an older girl called Fiona who must have been about 26. We sat around having drinks, maybe a few too many when some of the girls went into the kitchen to chat but I was talking to her to felt it would be rude to join them. I noticed her staring at me, looking me up and down...she said she liked my top and came and sat next to me, brushing her hand over my knee up to my lower thigh. I could feel my tense as I wasn't expecting it, but this was nothing compared to what was about to happen.

She started to run her fingers across the edge of my top, stroking it down the hem to the top of my bra as if feeling my skin with the back of her hand. By this time I was getting rather hot and bothered and could feel my cheeks begin to redden. She got up, and started walking up the stairs, I was so intrigued I decided I ought to follow her as I was getting hot just thinking about what she may want to do...

We both walked up the stairs, she walked behind me her eyes wondering up and down my body. When we reached the top she went into the bathroom and pushing my shoulder so I went in with her. She just sat and went to the loo, which I was rather surprised about but didn't try to cover herself up at all. I noticed she had a thin strip of hair on her pussy, which I found quite nice seeing as mine was almost the same, maybe a little less.

She got up and washed her hands and I went and did what I had to do. I was just about finished when I heard her starting to breath rather heavily, I looked up and she was leaned against the wall with her hands down her small, white panties and her skirt at her ankles. She looked at me and smiled and asked me to help her, by this time I was so turned on I could hardly refuse. I walked over to her and she took my hand and placed it on her thigh and slowly pulled her pants away from her pussy, yet again revealing it. I ran my fingers across the elastic and slowly pulled them down her legs then gently placed my finger on her sopping cunt and rubbed, circling her clit with my index finger and hearing her moan quietly as I did so.

She then clasped hold of my hand and pulled up her pants, and almost dragged me into the upstairs bedroom. She smiled at me and had me sit on the bed between her legs, facing her and her sopping pussy. As before I began to rub her clit, stroking her pussy lips with my finger and feeling her moist opening. She ran her fingers up my thigh and lifted my skirt to view my black thong I had on underneath. Slowly running her fingers along one side of it moaning as I stroked her still. I tensed as she drew back my pants and began to slide her fingers in my opening, I was very hot and wet from what I was doing to her and so moaned rather loudly as she massaged my clit with her other hand and I watched the juices seep from inside her cunt and felt the pulsations getting faster and more frequent around my finger that was now deep inside her. I worked it in and out, her doing the same to me and then felt her relax as she arched back and moaned loudly. No one could hear us from downstairs as they were making enough noise of their own.

I could feel myself gradually getting hotter and starting to shake as I often do before climax. She took her fingers out from inside me and ran them down my pussy and over my inner thigh. I moaned deeply and she started to kiss the wet trail she had left whilst turning me round to lay on the bed. She kissed and licked her entire way to my pussy where she began to circle my clit with her tongue, flicking it over teasingly and biting it gently every so often. Then slowly rimming my wet lips with her tongue, I could tell she was rather experienced and knew what she was doing as she round my opening and began to push her tongue deep into me I could feel my breathing getting faster as my chest began to rise and my hips were pushing my cunt against her face. I then arched back and moaned loudly as my climax came and went, it didn't last long but felt amazing and was very intense. She looked up and watched me as I did so, then went down and managed to find my opening once more, which she licked with the whole of her tongue and ran up my pussy to my lower stomach.

She then slid neatly off the bed, walked out of the door leaving the room with a smile and a wink. I just lay on the bed mesmerized by what had just happened, but when I had sorted myself out, I went downstairs to find she had left and none of the other girls had any idea of what happened, so I continued to drink with them until the early hours before wandering home with my friend in the rain. Definitely a day I'll never forget.



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