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Partner Masturbation

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I have been fortunate to have had women partners who considered masturbation an important part of their sexual makeup. Each had a history of masturbating regularly and each considered it natural and normal to incorporate masturbation as an important and regular part of both our individual and joint sexual activities.
My current partner is the most masturbation-oriented woman I have ever been involved with. She began masturbating at an early age when she discovered that she received very pleasant feelings as she fondled herself 'down there'. She learned to pleasure herself using her fingers, hair brush handles, and various other objects. After she experienced her first orgasm, masturbation became part of her normal daily routine.
We have been together for a little over a year, and both of us feel very lucky to have found a partner who feels so positively about masturbation, both solo and with a partner. Masturbation is a key element of our sexual play, including intercourse. We both are turned on by 'watching' and 'being watched' as we masturbate, so this adds to our mutual enjoyment. This contribution is about some of the masturbation play we do together, as an end in itself.
Taking Turns
Sometimes we'll play 'first you, then me'. This involves one of us - usually her - going first and masturbating to climax. Then it's the other's turn. We both find it very erotic, and a huge turn-on, to watch the other's face while they're masturbating, and especially when orgasm is reached. Maintaining eye contact this way is both sexy and very intimate.
She is able to maintain eye contact as she masturbates, up until the time when she's close to cumming. Then her eyes close and her face muscles tighten up. Her face becomes more and more scrunched up as she gets close. She likes to fondle her clit with circular motions and some pressure, using either her fingers or a dildo. When she becomes aroused, her clit swells and is visible as it pokes out of its hood. Her legs are separated, so she has full access to her clit and, conveniently, I have full access to watching her. She builds up to orgasm by increasing the speed and pressure on her clit until her body tightens up and begins to spasm.
When her orgasm begins, her face muscles suddenly relax (eyes still closed) and her mouth opens wide as if she's surprised. Her soft moans and gasps now turn into a growl as her body shudders with the onset of climax. Her orgasm lasts for a short while as she continues rapidly manipulating her clit. She then slows down, and her growl turns back into soft moans. She is mutli-orgasmic and can have two or more 'mini quakes', as she calls them, while she recovers.
Then it's my turn. Needless to say, I'm very erect and horny after watching this amazing performance. I like to play with myself using one hand on my balls and the other on my cock. I stroke my cock with my full hand using slow strokes that become faster, and concentrated at the end of my cock, as I reach orgasm. I look into her face as I proceed because it's such a huge turn-on to watch her watching me as I masturbate. I'm fairly quiet while I'm building up to orgasm, with low, barely audible moans.
I continue to make eye contact until I reach the point of orgasm. When I start to cum, my head goes back and my eyes shut tight. My low moans now become very loud and sustained while I cum. (This can be a problem if we're not in the privacy of our home. She says I'm the loudest person she's ever heard.) I don't have any follow-on mini quakes as she does. Once I cum, my recovery is at least an hour or more before I'm ready for any further activities.
One or our favorite methods for mutual masturbation is to masturbate using our 'first you, then me' game. We watch one another until we're both aroused. At this point, I put a cock ring on the base of my cock (I use a thin leather band with velcro ends) and adjust the tightness so that it's snug, but not too tight. My circumcised erect cock is a little above average in length (6.5' long) and well above average in thickness (nearly 6' around). The effect of the cock ring on my engorged cock is to increase its thickness, especially in the head, where it is now swollen, slightly red, and sensitive. Any fondling or rubbing of the head in this condition is very stimulating and intensely erotic.
She grasps my cock near its base and uses my cock head as a dildo to fondle her clit, which is now swollen and visibly protruding. It is a beautiful and erotic sight to look down and see her small feminine hand wrapped around my cock while she uses it to masturbate herself. She presses the head against her clit and moves it in the same circular motion she uses with her fingers and dildo.
My hands are free to play with her tits and fondle her nipples while she gets both of us off. She likes me to gently pull and twist her nipples. Her nipples are as sensitive as my cock head now, so having her nipples fondled is as erotic for her as pressure and rubbing on my cock head is for me. It's hard to put into words the mutual pleasure we are receiving.
If I'm getting close to orgasm (and I am!) and she's not ready yet, she'll let go of my cock and use her fingers on her clit while I take a breather. Then back she goes rubbing my cock on her clit. When our orgasms begin, she increases the speed and pressure of my cock head on her clit and I pull and twist her nipples harder. Her moans change to growls and my moans change to yelling, as our bodies tense up and the juices flow. Her clit and pussy are flooded by my juices as she rapidly rubs my erupting cock against her clit.
My cock head is very sensitive after I come, so it's actually painful to have any more stimulation for a while. She switches to her fingers to keep up the stimulation on her clit as she calms down and experiences her mini quakes.
After the mini quakes subside, it's time for one of us to release the cock ring. Even though I have ejaculated, the cock ring keeps my cock fairly hard. The leather strap, which is held together by the velcro, is overlapped so that one end is on top. Grabbing this 'tab' and pulling rapidly opens the ring and frees my cock. The sudden release of pressure causes my cock to jerk and pulsate. If it's now gently squeezed and held, another stream of juice slowly oozes out, which we both think is very sexy.



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