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Part TimeSwim Coach

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Part TimeSwim Coach by Anonymous
Dear Mick,

Here's a story. It's true. I hopeyou can use it and I will get a free month of access to yourpage.

Right after college, I moved toWashington D.C. for a job. I also got a part time job at a healthclub near my office as a swimming coach, so that I would havefree access to a pool to work out. There was a lot of"looking" in the men's locker room, particularly in thehot tub and steam area, which was downstairs, away from the mainlocker room. I suspected that there was sex-play there also, butI never saw anything. I suspect the members were cautious aroundstaff.

One summer afternoon I went to theclub to swim. Because it was a hot weekend,most people were outof town and the club was fairly empty. I swam my usual 3,000 yardwork out, and went to the men's hot tub to relax. When I arrived,it was empty. I removed my swimsuit and got in. I relaxed andclosed my eyes. A few minutes later something brushed against myankle, and I flinched, opening my eyes.

There, across from me in the tubwas a club member who I knew by face, but not by name. He was aregular in the weight room. About 35 years old, six foot three, abroad, well-developed chest, clean shaven, dark hair, blue eyes.Also, I am sure that every man at the club knew that he had ahumongous dick. He usually stood naked at the sinks while heshaved in the mornings, letting his soft sausage dangle foreveryone to gape at.

I am bi. I had assumed he wasstraight as an arrow. I only looked at his body and dick in awebecause they were so incredible. I never expected contact withthis adonis, but suddenly we were in the small hot tub together.

I realized that my legs werestretched out under the water, apologized, and pulled my legscloser in. He started some small talk about his workout upstairsin the weight room,and asked me what I had done that day. I thenstarted to suspect that it was no mistake that he had touched myleg underwater. My dick pulsed with the excitement from thethought. I slowly stretched my legs back out as we made smalltalk, and his foot brushed against my foot again. This time, Idid not pull back. My dick sprang up, as hard as iron.However,the swirling water made it impossible to see my ragingboner from above. His foot inched up my leg and began stroking mycalf. We continued to talk as if nothing unusual were going onunder the water. I massaged my arching dick. His foot continuedits path up my leg and settled into tickling my balls which werealready constricted, ready to blow. I maneuvered my foot acrossthe tub to between his legs.

He slid around the perimeter ofthe tub and grabbed my dick with his hand, and started pumpingslowly. He had his eyes on the hallway to see if any one wouldinterrupt, so I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as he gaveme a slow hand job. I fondled his balls and floating dick underwater. His dick was more than a hand full but obviously not yetfully hard. All conversation stopped as we stroked each other.

After a few minutes, he said thatthe temperature was getting to be too much for him, and that heneeded to take a cold shower. I was relieved because the heat ofthe tub after my workout was about to give me a coronary. Wedisengaged. He stood up. His dick was half-hard, still hanging.But it was already as long as mine was fully hard, and mine is 8inches. After he went around the corner to the shower stall, Igot out of the tub, grabbed my towel and went for a drink ofwater. As I passed him taking a cold shower, I told him I wouldbe right back.

My erection subsided a bit while Iwas getting a drink. When I got back to the tub,my adonis wassitting on the edge, with his legs in the water and adisappointed look on his face. Across from him in the water wasan old guy, blowing his nose into his hand, and wiping it onto awadded towel next to the tub. My new friend's dick was nowdeflated, but still huge. I settled into a chair next to the tub,with my towel draped over my lap. My adonis and I contiued oursmall talk while he stole glances at my dick under my towel. Allthe time, I was waiting for the old guy to leave so we couldresume our sword play.

After a few minutes offrustruation, my adonis stood up, grabbed his towel and stalkedout of the room. I was disappointed, but not about to give up. Iwaited a respectable time period, then followed him. When I gotto the bottom of the stairs, he was at the top, looking down. Assoon as he saw me, he headed for the showers. I raced up thestairs, wrapping my towel around my waist with my hardening dicktenting out the cloth.When I got to the showers, he was at theend of the row of showers, about to enter the last shower on theright. He entered the shower while looking at me. I followed.There was one man in a shower on the left about half way down therow. I entered the last shower on the left, across from myfriend.

He had his back to me, and wassoaping up. I turned on the water and soaped myself up as well.By this time, my dick was again pointing toward the ceiling, andI was a little worried that someone would see it. The doors tothe shower stalls were clear glass. The partitions were solidwalls. As long as no one walked down to the last showers, Ireasoned, I would be safe.

I turned and watched him, keepingboth hands on my soapy hard-on. He turned around facing me, andwashed his chest and stomach. I stroked. He got some soap andlathered up his pubes. I stroked. He lathered his balls and hisgrowing shaft. I stroked a little faster. He turned around andrinsed off. I watched the water on his muscled back and ass, andI stroked. He soaped his round butt muscles and down his legs. Ashe soaped up his feet, I looked at his balls suspended betweenhis big legs.

He washed and rinsed. He never gotmore than half hard, and I was constantly fighting the urge toblow my wad. I adjusted the water so that it was cooler.

He finished his shower, opened theshower door, stepped out and grabbed his towel. As he vigorouslydried himself off, I rinsed the soap off my dick and got somehair conditioner, slathered my rod and started jacking withrenewed energy. He wrapped his towel around his waist, lookeddown the row of showers, and was apparently convinced that wewere alone. He walked up and rested his chin on the top of myshower door. I stepped back so that he could get a full view. Hestared at my red glistening dick as I stroked it deliberately.

I was looking at his broad chest,hairless and a little flushed, his thick arms and tight stomach.He glanced down the row of showers again, and then pulled histowel off. His dickhead pressed against the glass of the showerdoor. I arched back and leaned my shoulders against the cool tilewall, and beat my meat furiously with both hands. My ballsshuddered. I spasmed hard once, and then shot a big bullet of cumover the shower door. He had to swerve to keep from being hit inthe face. I convulsed repeatedly, hitting the shower door with mysticky sex glue. Beyond the glass door was his muscular body. Mycum dripped down as if it were dripping on his chest, stomach andpubes. His dick had grown and was pointing upward now. It had tobe over a ten inches long, and had made a smear of pre-cum on theoutside of the door. The same glass door was smothered on theinside with my slick jism.

As the last pulses of orgasmripped through my body, he opened the shower door.Then, hequickly shut it again and wrapped up in his towel, and calleddown the row of showers, "Hey, how's it going?" I hearda muffled reply and turned around to face the showerhead, hidingand rinsing off. When I turned back, he was gone.

I finished my shower, and driedoff. Someone else was washing his hair as I passed him on theright. When I got to the sinks, my adonis was there, naked andcombing his hair. The old guy from the hot tub was pulling on hissocks around the corner. My adonis looked at me and said that Imust have had a real hard workout because I was really red. Ilooked in the mirror and saw that it was true. I looked like Ihad run a marathon.

I turned to him and noticed thatthere was a glob of my cum on his shoulder. It must have hit himfrom my first explosion. I said, "There's something on yourshoulder." He said "I know. I think I'll leave itthere."

The only thing I lied about in thestory was the length of my dick. When it's hard,it's only 7 and3/4 inches, measured on the top, from the pelvis to the tip. Forthe sake of keeping the story moving, I rounded up to 8 inches.

If this weren't a true story, Iwould have made up some stuff about him sucking me off, or thatwe went out for a beer later, or he gave me his Ferrari, orsomething. None of that happened. We smiled a lot at each otherafter that when we happened to be at the club at the same time. Isaw him in Georgetown once wearing a suit and having dinner witha woman. We accidentally met in the hot tub once more and enjoyeda mutual grope. I can write about that some other time. A fewmonths later I got a job offer in California and moved away.

The end



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