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Part 2, I Finally Let Her Watch

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After catching her I became brave enough to let her watch me

After catching her, Jean and I talked a lot about masturbation. We both shared stories about our personal experiences and our techniques. 

Since I caught her she had regularly been asking to watch. I wanted to see her play again too and suggested we could together but she wouldn’t accommodate until I did first. I was generally too embarrassed to do it, even though I’d been fantasizing about it.



One day she was out for a while and I was at my house. I was going through some boxes in my room and found a porn tape my best friend swiped from his dad and brought over a couple years before. I’d never really watched it all the way through so I put it in the vcr to check it out. I was fast forward skimming it till I hit a scene that was only girls. I vaguely remembered it but watching porn with my friends was more about trying not to stand up with an obvious erection than paying close attention. I let the scene play and it was definitely arousing girl on girl action. I hadn’t remembered the lead star was in a beach lounge chair by herself, masturbating and watching the other girls. I immediately thought of catching Jean and that sent my arousal into overdrive. 



I watched that girl bring herself to orgasm and would rewind and watch it again and again. I touched myself but didn’t let myself finish. I had decided that today was the day I’d let Jean watch.



A few hours later Jean came home. I fought through the embarrassment and the fear that she’d think it was gross or stupid and showed her what I’d found. She was very excited about it and asked me to play it. I started it at the beginning, as we watched she asked me if I liked it. I said ya, but some parts better than others. I asked if she liked it and I got an emphatic yes. I was trying to figure out how to ask her if she wanted to watch me when she  asked me if I’d ever masturbated to it. I told her not really but the scene I liked really made me want to. 



She told me to fast forward to my scene and hit pause, so I did. She took the remote and told me to lay back in bed and get comfortable. I got into bed and adjusted my pillows, pulled my blanket up and folded it back to my thighs. Jean grabbed the chair and sat next to the bed beside me. She said she wanted me to relax and just do what I would normally do if no one else was here and she’d press play when I was ready.



 I was embarrassed but committed and really wanted to orgasm. I got settled and told her to press play. I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them of my hips at beginning of the scene when the girls start to show up. I was so nervous I wasn’t hard yet. As I watched their tops come off I started to rise. I looked over at Jean but she was just watching me grow.



I never stroked myself with the conventional hand wrapped around my shaft. I always used my index fingers and thumbs on each side under the circumcised base of my foreskin to go up and down at the top half of my shaft, letting my foreskin graze the underside of the corona and glans on the upstroke and pulling on what I know now is my frenulum on the downstroke. I didn’t know if that would seem weird so I held myself in the conventional way and began to slowly stroke.




More clothes came off on screen and I began to get very excited. I kept it slow because I didn’t want to cum before the finish of the masturbation part. I looked over at Jean again and she was watching me with such an intense interest. She told me just keep doing what I like. The girls started to interact and I started going a little faster as the first tingles started making me promises.



 As I became more aroused with growing need I unconsciously switched to how I normally touch myself. It felt so good. The masturbation scene began and I looked back at Jean. She was breathing heavily, her eyes moving back and forth from my face to my penis and one hand inside her pants. I knew I could come at any time but wanted to wait till the girl on screen had her solo orgasm. I had to slow down when Pre cum started leaking out of me.



I got really wet my index fingers slipped off my foreskin and slid up the whole head of my glans. Shocks of pleasure hit me and my body started to stiffen. Jean put her other hand on my thigh. I watched the solo orgasm finish on the screen. I heard Jean say OMG as closed my eyes and tilted my head back to let my body have what it needed. My back arched as my orgasm took me in waves. I could feel the power of my ejaculation shooting out of me. I looked at Jean. There is no way to describe the level of intensity, fascinated interest, concentration and hungry desire in her eyes. I felt so sexy and wanted. I closed my eyes and pressed my lips tightly together so I wouldn’t make a lot of noise as my climax finished.



 When I opened my eyes she was taking off her clothes and told me not to move. She pulled my pants further down and slid my still pounding erection into her. She was so wet and I was still so hard. She came on me quickly, collapsed  on top of me, said thank you and promised to show me things soon.





The memory of that day is still crystal clear in my mind. It still turns me on enough to write part 3 tonight and see how far those memories can push my arousal. 



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