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Parking Lot Flash

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Okay..Here's my first post...one of my most memorable experiences... I always enjoyed driving around the bar and club areas of town at around 2am when they closed.. Lots of good flashing opportunities with women walking to their cars. One night, I pulled into one parking lot and and parked. I'd been driving around for awhile and not found anyone and was just planning to jack off. Then I saw these two gorgeous girls, in very short skirts, walk a short distance across the parking lot and get into their car which was parked under one of the parking lot light towers. I sat in my car for awhile before noticing that they hadn't driven away and were just continuing to sit in the car doing who knows what. I drove around past them and noticed their windows were smoked, so you couldn't really see inside. They'd looked so hot while walking to their car, that I decided to take a chance. I pulled my mustang into the spot next to theirs and looked around, pretending to make sure nobody was around me, (and also pretending I didn't know they were just a few feet away in their car.) I then reached into a bag and pulled out a bottle of hand lotion. After looking around again, I unzipped my pants, unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and underwear down around my ankles. Then I grabbed my beach towel and spread it on the seat underneath me and proceeded to pour the lotion ALL OVER my cock and balls...I looked several times over at their car, giving them the impression that I thought it was empty, and started an extremely slow, long, extended cock and ball massage which lasted at least 20 minutes. A couple of times, I could see the shadow of one of the girl's faces in the car window next to me, but she was sure by then that I couldn't see her! God, what a turn on to just massage, stroke, beat and POUND my meat until I came in 5 or 6 strong spurts of hot cum all over my chest, arms, hands and cock... Then I just wiped up and drove home.... still wonder what they were thinking...but know they enjoyed the show.... Please let me know what you think. I've had several really good experiences leaving notes for ladies on their cars, too.. more on that later.



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