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Panty Tributes

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A short porn scene turned into a major fetish.

I had worked at a business for five and a half years and there was a group of co-workers who would go golfing on Tuesday nights at a small par 3 executive course in town.  When one of the foursome left, they asked if I wanted to join them.  SURE!  I liked golf and was decent and this was about hanging out and having fun with work friends.  I was married to my first wife at the time and she had a younger sister, probably in her mid-20's.  She was the youngest of three and clearly the best looking.  Prior to all this, I had watched a porn where the guy busted his nut on the front of a bright red g-string thong.  It was the most amazing thing I had seen.  So fucking hot.  I needed to try and replicate this and if not exactly, on a woman, then at least on to a g-string.  I lived 40 miles from the town I worked in and had a key to the youngest sister's place.  She worked nights and I knew she wore sexy underwear. 

One night after golf, so probably 7 pm or so, I stopped at her house.  It wasn't far from the course.  I went upstairs to her bedroom and started rummaging through her dressers.  I found the motherlode!  Thongs, satin boy shorts, satin and silk thongs...you name it it was probably there.  Not a granny panty in sight!  I collected what I thought were the sexiest of the sexy, would wrap them around myself and get after it.  There was this orange pair that I came so hard in my jizz pushed through the material to the front side.  I was in heaven.  I would tend to clean myself up with the others then return them to the proper drawer.  Eventually, I got to taking them with.  Not every time, but every now and again, I'd grab and go.  I would hide them in my dresser and then use them at home.  I ended up with quite the collection.  It really paid off after I got divorced.  (This wasn't the cause!  In fact, I still don't think my ex ever knew I had a collection of her sister's thongs with me to jerk off on.)  I never washed them, not because I enjoyed the smell, but because I didn't want to be embarrassed washing them at the laundromat.  A handful of women's underwear amongst nothing but mens' clothes would be...yeah, wasn't happening. 

I had the original collection for quite sometime until my new wife, when we were dating, said it was time for them to go.  Fast forward a few years to just recently.  My college-aged stepdaughter.  I occasionally raided her panty drawer and came across these very thin, silky smooth panties that apparently are designed to avoid panty lines.  They are razor thin.  I don't know how they stay up.  Well, they are my new play toy.  I keep them in a side pocket of a duffle bag.  When the house is empty, I take them to the bathroom and have at it.  I sneak overused ones in the garbage or in one instance, tossed them out the window at the start of a long trip alone. 

Even more recently, as I was inspecting for new pieces, I saw thongs hiding under all of them.  On the floor of the drawer.  My heart sunk.  I had no idea!!  I grabbed a black pair used it and put it in the collection.  I just recently updated my allotment and saw the thongs were all missing.  Not a one left.  I wondered where she had put them?  Did she know.  Earlier this week, everyone was gone.  I knew I had a few hours so I searched again.  They had to be around, right?  I moved a small suitcase and checked it's pockets.  I noted two small pillows move in the closet.  Wanting to cover my tracks and put everything back I moved the pillow and there on the floor...hiding under the one pillow...were all of the thongs!  I reached down and touched them, smelt them, licked them.  The crotches were stiff with her juices and wrinkled to the contour of her pussy.  I was immediately hard and dropped my pants and started rubbing the front material on my cock.  In her room!  I almost busted my nut as soon as it touched me. 

I had to think quick as I didn't want to cum on them, hide them and they all get stuck together and her wondering what the new stains were.  I ran to the master bath and started cumming before I got to the toilet.  I made two or three trips to that honey hole that weekend; taking the whole group to the bathroom to use then put just small amounts of cum on to not make it obvious.  Why are they hiding, I don't know, but I am so glad I found that stash.



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