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Own Private

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I had the best seat in the house.


In the 70's During high school I was a bit of a rock nut AC/DC, Robin Trower, Black Sabbath and the like but then along came KISS and sorta became my obsession.

I had these two friends who were even more into KISS than I was, they both were what you might call super fans and they did it all to the Max.

One day I got a call from them to come over to Maris' house where they had a little surprise for me and to please hurry I thought what in the world are these 2 up to. What I saw when I entered were my friends costumed letter perfect and totally spot on makeup looking like Gene Simmons and Peter Criss (THE DEMON & THE CAT)

"Wow, you guys look great" I said "is this the surprise?"

I was then pushed down into a recliner that had been strategically placed so I would not miss a bit of what they were about to do. They went on to visually create an A-one perfect lipsync KISS concert just for me, doing about 5 songs and finishing up with a final homage to Gene Simmons; they spit"BLOOD" (ketchup )on me! Well everything up to that point was fantastic but I for some reason just couldn't stand the smell of the ketchup so I said I had to clean up.

Now I was without my shirt and wearing tight cut off shorts and here I had KISS right in front of me so I asked just one question "Wanna mess around?" They looked at each other and then back at me and answered "About friggin time." I was then shoved back into the recliner when Maris reached down and undid my shorts and Rex helped him pull them completely off. I was so hard it almost hurt. Maris{GENE) started with the hot Simmons tongue flick all up and down my chest while Rex(Criss) started pulling on my dick like it should be his, I was being held down and they were in charge. Rex started going down on me while Maris stood up next to me and unzipped his fly whipping his 7 inch oddly bent but thick rod out then slapping me in the face over and over with it . Wow I had never done anything this blatant before but damn I didn't care it was fun.

Rex had now removed his clothes and was sort of watching while I had the dick of doom slipping in and out of my lips but I didn't want him to come just yet cuz I wanted at Rex's cock as well. after a few minutes I suggested that we move into a bedroom and utilize the horizontal space there.

(a recliner is nice for sitting but not so nice for sexing)So we went to His room and flopped onto the full size waterbed moving with the waves as we stroked each other. I had it in my head to start sucking on Rex while Maris was all over my man meat. I had Maris' dick in my hand yanking him into a frenzy which was causing him to suck me all the more energetically. Rex was the hair triggered one of the group cuz we had only been going at it for about 4 minutes when he started grunting and panting then warm cum spurt onto my tongue and down my throat. Whoa that kicked my starter over, and looking down seeing (Gene Simmons) blowing me I just couldn't keep it back any longer I shot about five or six heavy ropes onto his tongue and all over his face. Well Rex and I couldn't leave it all unfinished with our friend so Rex starts sucking while I go straight for the balls and within 50 seconds we had him spraying like a park fountain and baby what a load he blew, the first jet hit his chest but the second flew behind his head hitting his wall the rest just went all over him and his sheets.

After cleaning up and getting out of the makeup we decided to get together later for an encore, (just please no ketchup). And we did. If you liked this story perhaps I will relay a few others that we did together and with friends.



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