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Outside Sometimes

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This is recounting the few times I've jerked myself off outside


I've read many of the stories of guys jerking off outside or somewhere where they normally wouldn't so I decided that someday I would try it out.
However, I never really got the nerve to until a few months ago, and each time they were mostly unplanned sessions.
The first time I jerked off outside it was in the morning. If I remember correctly, it was about 9:45 am. I was just sitting in the front driveway of my house, and all of a sudden I noticed that if I went behind the van, which was parked right in front of the garage door (Which was closed), I could virtually go unseen as long as I faced the neighbor's house. So I went right behind the van, pulled the front of my sweat pants down enough to pull my cock out (Sweat Pants are great for masturbating in), and began pumping my cock like there was no tomorrow. What I remember most was hearing a few cars go by, and also feeling very hot despite the shade I was covered in (It was a hot morning).
After two minutes of continuous stroking, I came, but not too much considering I had had three masturbation sessions during the night before (More than I would have if I had done it in my room).
Later, however, I took a walk and noticed even when I faced the neighbor's house you could clearly see right behind the van and I bet someone (Most likely a construction worker since at the time they were working down two streets on new housing) saw my little activity! This would have terrified me if I had seen it after my session, but it turned me on a little later that day when I saw it.
The second time I had an outdoor session was also mostly unplanned, the construction workers had just got done with most of the houses where they were working and it was 7:00 pm, about a month after my first session. I wanted to check out the houses, so I did.
As I checked out the street I noted right away two things: the first 5 houses where the street turns were empty and no one else would be walking to check these houses out, and one of the houses had no garage door!
I went in the garage and loved how much it hid me from view, so much so that I pulled my cock out and began jerking it off! I remember how a small breeze kept blowing and how great that felt on my cock as I spanked it right there in that open garage! Eventually, within less than a minute, I ended up cumming, more than I usually do! So I ate all of the cum off of my hands, and put my dick back and went home.
Two days later, I went back and did it again.
So far I had had three sessions, all lasting shortly.
About two weeks later, I decided to go for a look-see down one road in the neighborhood that ended at a dead end with a green cloth fence (Which means construction). I remember it was 12 PM, lunchtime to be exact and seeing as how it was Sunday there was no construction going on that day. As I got to the fence, I noticed how empty it was around the area and how no cars would come that way because of the fence, so naturally this stirred an arousal! I faced the fence, whipped my cock out again, and beat my pud right there in the hot sun!
It felt great to relieve myself outside yet again, and I ended up cumming again in less than a full minute. I licked up all the cum on my hands, put my cock back, and headed home.
Another week passed and I went back to the same place, except this time the fence was gone so I could go much farther down the sidewalk. I got really aroused looking around, being alone outside always arouses me now it seems, and since I saw no one I thrust my hand down my sweat pants and fondled myself until I came a minute later.
I was about to eat the cum on my hand when a car came rolling down the street, luckily I hadn't taken my prick out or they would have seen everything. I rushed home right away, and ate my cum on the front porch.
So far I'm past my fifth time, so let's talk about the sixth time. I was strolling down the streets, much much farther away from my house, until I hit the last bunch of houses way down a particular street. These houses were all unoccupied, but just like the other times where they were mostly unplanned, this one was too. As I got to the last house I noted it had a very long driveway...and so did my penis! By this time it had been a month since I last did it and I only stopped because I wanted a long session, so I turned back to go home.
Halfway down the street though, I knew I was much too hard to continue without being uncomfortable on the way home, so I turned back and went down to the end of that long driveway. That day, I was wearing blue shorts. I pulled out my cock from the top of the shorts and stroked myself slowly. It took me three minutes to cum this time, and the orgasm was very strong!
This time it didn't land on my hands though, just the front of my shorts. I pulled my shirt over the front of the shorts and went home.
So now comes my seventh time jerking off outside, this one comes as close to half planning as it gets. I was down by the recreational area of our neighborhood and no one was around. I went to where the bike racks are because they're covered by bushes, and I knew what I was going to do. I pulled my cock out of my pants and began slapping my meat behind those bushes and bike racks.
However, I soon opted for another location, and went behind the stone cubicle area and jerked off there instead, because it had shade and it was a little too hot to jerk it in the sun.
The great thing is a minute after I started my stroking session, a breeze picked up, and I relaxed more. After about four minutes of my self pleasure, I felt my cock tense as it does, and I came. No cum eating this time either, most of it landed above on the pubic mound and my stomach. I put my cock back and went home. (Note: I only eat my cum if it gets on my hand, since it seems to stay warm much longer that way and no hair comes with it)
Now comes my eight time, my last recent one outdoors to be exact, and my favorite!
It was 8:45 pm and dark out, so I went for a walk. When I got to the recreation area, I was delighted! It was in almost total darkness, and there's no way anyone could see me by the bike racks unless they were a few feet away from me!
So I went down there, whipped my salami out, and jerked it off in the dark with only the stars as my light!
The best part was that it was totally windy outside that night, and I could make as much noise as I wanted (Which isn't much, really) so I groaned and moaned to my heart's content as I pulled and stroked my pud! It took me 3 and a half minutes to cum, but it was great!
Next time at night, I'm planning for a long session, at least half-an-hour!



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