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Outdoor Masturbation 2

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About 4 years ago I bought a house out in the county. We can see some neighbors across the street, but thick woods prevent us from seeing (or being seen by) the neighbors to either side. No neighbors to the rear, instead a small pond sits there.

This privacy has given the freedom to enjoy outdoor masturbation. Most often it happens in the hot tub. A great way to relax, lying in the bubbling water, stroking myself until I cum! Then letting the hot water relax me as I watch my spunk swirl around on the water.

Other times I will sit on the top step, legs spread wide. Using the water for lube I can lean back and pump my cock until it shoots out a nice load. My wife likes this position too, she'll sit in the water and watch me. It gives her a great show, then we'll swap positions and I'll get to enjoy the sight of her playing with her pussy until she cums.

When it's really warm I'll just stand on the deck with my ass resting on the tub. I'll pump and stroke until I ejaculate, letting my spunk fly across the deck. Then I'll hop in the tub, enjoying the afterglow in the hot water.

Mowing the lawn is hot work. When I'm done, I often take a stroll into the woods to 'check on the lake'. In reality I wander to a small secluded spot and strip off my sweaty clothes. I lean back in the soft pile of pine straw I've built up. Once I've cooled down I naturally become erect, and cannot resist pumping my cock. Since I'm gonna shower anyway I let it fly, spunk landing all over my body.

My most recent experience happened just this Wednesday, October the 8th. I was working from home, and happened to be there alone. It was warm, and I was only wearing a pair of shorts, not even underwear. I was out on my back porch with the laptop. I kicked off a big job, then dropped my vpn connection to check my personal email. As long as I was there I read a few stories.

One I read was on outdoor masturbation. Horny, I decided to enjoy myself. I went for a short walk, to a semi secluded part of the yard. I dropped my shorts and laid in the grass, enjoying the sun and breeze. I idly played with my cock until it was good and hard.

As a few bugs were beginning to nibble on me I rolled over and got into a kneeling position. Legs spread, I began playing with my cock and remembering the stories I'd read. I began pumping faster and faster, my hand rubbing my balls or ass. In no time I was shooting a big load all over the grass.

I sat there, enjoying the sun on my naked body, before getting up and wandering back to the porch. I sat nude for a while, before finally cleaning up and getting my shorts back on. It was a kick though, working naked for a while!

I highly encourage everyone to try masturbation in the great outdoors! It's the ultimate in getting back to nature.

-- Plump Lvr



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