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Out in Public

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For as long as I can remember I have always been very thrilled to carry on a days activities with my hard on sticking out in front of me. The thought that my cock can change so dramatically in size and shape and its appearance when it is rock hard never seems to get old. Over the past few years I have been thinking of different ways to spend a day with my rod sticking out in front of me. The last few have ended with me whipping my cock out for brief periods of time in public situations when no one is around to see. This has been the most thrilling thing I have ever done and it leads me to my most recent outing. The problem that I ran into in these public situations was the couple seconds that it took to pull my throbbing 7' cock out not to mention get it back in quickly so no one notices. I decided to go check out a few shops and try to find the perfect pair of shorts or pants that I could whip it out of very quickly so I could hit many more public destinations. I went to several shops trying on pants and shorts with my cock never letting up for a second. It can stay hard for hours on end on these rare days that I get to go on these outings. What I kept finding with all these pants and shorts was that both sides of the fly overlapped and that I had to reach down and pull the head of my cock down and then guide it out the opening, and this took up too much time. I ended up at a surf shop and found the perfect pair of shorts. They hung low and the fly was at least eight inches long and joined in the center. I paid for them and went to a public washroom in the mall and put them on. With them hanging low the waist band hung about an inch below the head of my cock and held it in place but when I pulled them up my hard rod sprang free and there was a very noticeable bulge in the front of the shorts. I headed to a coffee shop in the mall and sat down. By now my cock was starting to get a little uncomfortable because I was so excited to get it out so I leaned forward in my seat and to my surprise it slipped out from under the waist band and out between the snaps on the fly. No one was sitting around me so I sat there and drank my coffee with my cock sticking straight up and starting to leak pre cum. I couldn't get over how big the opening was in the end of my cock in this elevated level of excitement, at least a quarter inch and I could see quite a bit of pink in the hole. I proceeded to go to places all around the mall and whip it out sometimes for even a couple minutes at a time when I knew it was safe. I only undid the top of the two snaps so I could cover up in a hurry if I needed to but I was itching to take it one step further. I went to a different public washroom in the mall and stood in front of the mirror and undid the other snap. I slightly bent forward and that was all it took and my whole rod sprang out of the fly and spread it open so my shaved balls hung out as well. This looked awesome to me but I knew I would have to be careful out in public with both snaps undone. I hung around the mall for a while more and couldn't get over how one minute I was amongst lots of people and the other I could be alone with my throbbing cock and balls sticking out, what a thrill. I decided to head out of the mall and have some more fun via a section of the mall where the shops were all closed. As I got to this part of the mall there were a few people around so I grabbed a free flyer and sat down on a bench until they cleared. More people kept coming on the other side and I ended up sitting there for 10 minutes or so and my cock was getting uncomfortable. I mustered up the courage to finally lean forward and my cock sprang free and man it felt great. I put the flyer over my rod and sat there for a while when all of a sudden I noticed somone coming down my side of the mall. I quickly put my right ankle up on my left knee and adjusted the flyer. The person turned out to be a attractive 40ish woman who smiled as she walked by. Once my heart slowed down a bit I thought what a turn on knowing that I was sitting there with my hard cock leaking pre sticking straight up as she walked by. I wondered what it would be like to move the flyer next time knowing I never would. The mall was empty now and I was feeling braver than ever so slowly over several minutes I moved the flyer bit by bit exposing more and more of my rod until it was fully uncovered. At first I was quite nervous but got over it as a few minutes went by with no traffic. I sat there for ten minutes or so leaning back in the bench with my cock and balls in plain view if someone was to come by. This was an awesome feeling and I knew I needed to blow my load real soon. I forced my cock behind my waist band and went outside. I started walking to the truck when I saw a phone booth in the back of the parking lot that had solid walls without glass from the waist down. I thought it might be too risky as there was still daylight but walked over anyway. Once inside I realized that it was real close to my cock sticking up into the window portion but that there was almost no traffic. I bent over and the decision was made, my cock sprang out and up against the cool metal surface and man it felt great. I lubed up with pre cum and pretended I was talking on the phone as I slowly stroked. A couple cars drove behind me but I turned so they couldn't see what I was doing. I stroked slowly for a few minutes re-lubing with pre cum knowing I was very close to cumming and feeling braver than ever before. I got to the point that I actually turned around for a few seconds and faced out of the booth when no one was nearby but cars were in the distance, I don't think anyone saw. I stroked for a minute or so longer and all of a sudden blew a solid ribbon of cum high up onto the glass in the booth and then another one only a bit lower but still on the glass, to my surprise and excitement after the first two big jets I kept contracting my abs and cock muscle and pumped out 6 or 7 smaller less white and more clear jets of cum. This was awesome to see as after the day I had just had to see as much cum shoot out of my cock the better and the amount of it that laid on the ground and was dripping down the walls was by far the most I had ever blown. I put my now softening cock away and headed for the truck very grateful for my new shorts.



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