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Our Shower Sessions

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Mom and I took our first shower together when I was eighteen. We took turns washing each other using a large natural sponge. I really enjoyed the experience and I will admit that I did feel just a bit of sexual excitement when we took that shower. Dad knew about it and suggested that it wasn't a good idea. Mom got annoyed with dad and said there was absolutely nothing wrong with what we did. Actually I was the one who invited mom to join me for a nice hot soak. My mom has a terrific figure and I just had to find some way of getting her naked so I could look at her. I certainly wasn't going to say, 'hey mom, can I look at your naked body and check out your lovely tits and round ass.' Mom's response at that time was to say, 'hmmm, I don't know about that, I don't think so.' I told her not to be such a prude and that we were both females with the same body parts. Mom finally said OK.

That was two years ago and over those two years we have continued to shower together about twice a month. Little by little and very slowly we have altered our shower experience to where we are today. First we started by taking just a little too long to sponge each others private parts but neither one of us admitted this or commented on what was happening. Next, we started to wash each other without the sponge and just using our hands. We tweaked nipples and allowed just the very tip of a finger to find it's way into the pussy slit. Nothing was ever said about sex and we made comments to each other like, 'this is so soothing or your hands on me make me feel so relaxed.' I think that we consciously denied what we were doing by not talking about it at all.

After about a year our fingers tentatively touched butt holes and went a bit further into the pussy slit. Clits were just brushed with the tip of a finger and nipples were squeezed oh so gently. saying things like, 'I'm so calm and relaxed when we shower' made everything perfectly OK. during one shower mom said to me, 'you need to always be totally clean around your private area.' I said I agreed and mom reached between my legs from behind and ever so slowly inserted a finger up into my cunt. She moved it in and out and then told me I was totally clean now. I then did the same for her. Mom then told me to bend over and when I did a soapy finger was inserted deep into my rectum. After pushing it in and out mom told me I was now squeaky clean. I then made her squeaky clean. I couldn't wait for our time to shower together. I was never so stimulated in my life. I tingled after each shower and as we stood drying each other I silently begged mom to spend extra time on my erect nipples. I would spread my legs and allow her to dry me between my legs. She did it ever so slowly. I would then go to my bedroom and get under the top sheet where I would play with myself until I enjoyed a very pulsing orgasm. I don't know what mom did.

Recently, after our shower I was particularly turned on and thought I would explode. I hinted to mom that since dad was working we might enjoy some time in her bedroom just relaxing after our shower. Mom said it was not a good idea and that doing that could possibly lead to other things that mothers and daughters shouldn't be doing with each other.

I am at a complete loss as to what mom is thinking. Our shower experiences are now almost totally sexual and we finger fuck each other twice a month in the shower. Mom says we are just getting each other 'squeaky clean.' We also soap up two fingers during each shower and insert them up into the other's rectum. Mom says we can't get any cleaner than that. I tried to lengthen the time that mom finger fucks me so that I can achieve an orgasm but fairly soon after starting she tells me that I'm now totally clean inside and out. I think that dad might be coming just a little suspicious. He recently asked if we really needed to spend so much time together in the shower. Mom just told him that we enjoy it.

I think we need to stop but truth be told, I don't want to stop, I just want us to do more.



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