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Orgasms in My Sleep

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I've heard that some girls have really detailed sexual dreams, but mine are usually very simple.

I keep having this same simple dream over and over again. All of a sudden I begin to dream that I am laying flat on my back and there is this beautiful, hard penis going in and out of me. I cannot see the guy's face and don't know who he is. I can see his chest, belly, his pubic hair, and his beautiful shaft that is buried about halfway in me, going slowly in and out in this exact rhythm. I can see the entrance it makes into my vagina, my pubic hair, and my belly.

His penis goes in and out, in and out, in a montonous rhythm that feels so sweet and dreamy-I'm just laying back being fucked, this beautiful, thick shaft filling my stomach. This goes on for a little while, and suddenly I actually begin to orgasm-I feel these strong orgasmic contractions in my belly, and I hear myself groaning, 'AHHHHH', 'AHHHHH', 'AHHHHH' in response to these orgasmic spasms in my stomach and all the way up to my uterus, and it is the spasms and my moaning that actually wakes me up.

I wake up as this strong, dreamy orgasm is ripping through my belly, and I experience about half of the orgasm after I've woke up, the other half before I've actually woke up. Sometimes the orgasm feels very complete and fulfilling, and sometimes I feel this immediate need to reach down and mash hard on my clitoris to make the orgasm go entirely to its peak so that it feels as fulfilling as possible.

The rest of the day, if I don't go back to sleep, I feel myself in a dreamy, sexual mood, and keep thinking about this beautiful, thick penis that was buried in my belly during my dream. I feel the need to masturbate a lot during a day when I've had a dream like that, and I'll sometimes have to find a place so that I can reach in my pants or pull them down a little and rub myself to a good orgasm as quick as possible.

In my dream, the guy doesn't ejaculate, pull out or anything like that, and I don't feel a buildup to the orgasm-my belly just suddenly begins to ripple with strong orgasmic contractions and I wake up groaning from them-the same evry time, except occasionally instead of being fucked, my clit is being licked by this faceless guy that is licking it in this exact rhythm until I begin to come.

It would be interesting to hear from other girls as to what their sexual dreams are about. Mine are pretty routine, although I always orgasm from them.



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