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Orgasm on the bus

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Orgasm on the bus by Andres
A couple of months ago, my girlfriend and I (we are both 27) took a bus in downtown San Francisco for a ride back to myplace of about an hour. It was rush hour and of course the bus was full, but we were able to get a single sit, so I sat first and she sat on my lab, facing the window. I am almost an expert abut masturbating her anywhere anytime, and she's also verygood at it to. I mean, she always wears skirts, and gets horny and wet very quickly, a real delight.
With her back towards the isle, our sitting position was quite private giving the circumstances. So as I always do, I startedcaressing her thighs almost immediately while we talked about our day, and our plans for the evening. I then realize that no onecould possibly see what I was doing with my left hand between her legs, while my right arm was around her waist, kind ofholding and protecting her from the bus movements and sudden stops.
I slowly reached under her underpants, and in no time I was softly caressing her pussy hair. A little while latter, I startedputting one finger in and out her already wet pussy, all this while we were talking about who knows what, as if nothinghappened. Even though I'm not a lefty, I was able to manage pretty well, so I started very lightly caressing her clit. By thenshe'd stop talking for a while and looked at me with "dizzy eyes". Then I'd stop, we'd resumed our conversation and I'drepeated the process: pussy hair, finger inside pussy and finally finger rolling her clit between my index finger and thumb.

by then even her inner thighs were wet with pussy juices, and I was thinking that I might end up with a spot in my jeans! Finally I thought that was going to take her to the verge of coming and then stopping for a while and see what develops. So Istarted playing with her clitoris the way I know she likes, first softly but fast and then slowly but with a bit more pressure. Shehad her eyes closed, and her legs were tense, but I continued with my job because she wasn't making the slight lest noise,which was unusual. All of a sudden she put her head on my shoulder and whispered that she was about to come, so I stoppedthe stimulation but left my hand there. To my surprise, she pressed my hand with hers against her clitoris, and made just a fewstrong movements, her body was very tense and her legs shaking a bit, and then without noise but with a long sight she had anorgasm right then and there, surrounded by a crowd of strangers! I don't think anybody realized what had happened. What abus ride!



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