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My Sexual awakening occured when I was thirteen. That's when I began to have nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). I never wore under shorts to sleep, just a large sized T-shirt. The morning after the first experience I awoke to find my T-shirt stuck to my belly. It was dry, crusty and stained a pale yellow. I knew what had happened because we had studied all that in school. But I didn't understand it fully, I thought this was masterbation because I had ejaculated semen. My dreams were usually about naked people, girls and boys and adults, even my parents sometimes. For the first few months I had a wet dream every few weeks but gradually they occured more regularly, like every five or six days. I almost never woke up and usually the semen had dried up by morning. My mom didn't mention the crusty T-shirts or (sometimes) the stains on the sheet. She likely thought I was masturbating. But I was not masturbating (although I thought I was). Whenever other boys talked about 'jerking off,' I figured that was what was happening to me when I dreamed of naked people, not realizing that I had to actually do it myself when I was fully awake. Then, when I turned fifteen I began to have spontaneous ejaculations when I was awake. The first time happened in class.

As usual, class was boring. My mind was on anything but the English lesson. But our teacher was young and had a nice pair of legs that she displayed with skill. Her breasts filled out her sweater quite nicely. I had an erection of course and kept shifting around to get more comfortable with my swollen member caught in my jockey shorts. This went on for most of the period. Then suddenly I felt a muscular clamping down deep inside. The sensation was not intense or pleasureable like an orgasm, it was just a forceful muscular contraction that I couldn't hold back. My tortured penis was pumping sticky semen into my shorts.

Soon after the semen started to ooze through my jeans so by the end of class I had to hasten to the boys' bathroom to clean up. That was the first of several unplanned ejaculations that occured over the next couple of years. There was no telling when a spontaneous ejaculation would occur, other than it happened when I was very aroused. I continued to be a 'masturbation virgin' though. I shied away from talking about it. My genitals were something of an embarrassment to me because I thought I was very different from other guys.

My penis has always looked short although it is likely about average length. But it seems thicker than normal. When flacid, it hangs almost 5 inches but the distance around is almost 6 inches. That's when it's soft. When erect there is hardly any change at all in size, it just gets hard. My erect penis is about 5 1/2 inches long and 6 inches around. So it looks stubby whether it's soft or hard. I am circumcised and my penis head is very dark in color. During my teen years I thought my equipment was so odd looking that I avoided occasions when I would have to strip in front of others. (None of these things mean anything today but back then it was a big deal and tended to keep me isolated during adolescence.)


Skip ahead a couple of years. I was now seventeen and a high school junior without a girlfriend and still blissfully unaware that I was NOT actually masturbating. Although horniness was very powerful at times, my only realease was wet dreams and the occasional spontaneous ejaculation. The joy of experiencing the intense pleasure of orgasm was completely unknown to me.

One weekend our family drove to my grandparents' home for a visit, up north - my parents, my brother Ted (six years younger) and I. My dad's boss asked him if we could give a ride to his daughter who attended college in the same city where my grandparents lived. We left home just after supper for the four hour drive and picked up 'Sylvia' on our way out of town.

Sylvia was a graduate student at university, about 23 or 24 I would guess. She had a slender build, full breasts, nice long legs. I got horny just seeing her, let alone having her sit close beside me. Sylvia climbed into the back seat between my kid brother and me. She chatted with us boys and quickly put me at ease with her quiet demeanor and really expressive eyes. But I stayed horny - I wasn't accustomed to having a gorgeous girl sitting so close to me.

The car trip was boring until we made a pit stop for gasoline and a bathroom break. Mon and Dad were still in the service station when the three of us climbed back into the back seat. Syliva asked us the usual stuff about school and sports. She wanted to know if I had a girfriend. I didn't and was a bit embarrassed to admit it. She said she thought I should, what with my good looks, etc. I guess it was a combination of teasing/flirting. I ate it all up of course. My parents got back into the car and we were off again. By this time it was dark. My brother fell asleep soon after we got back onto the highway. Sylvia and my mom struck up a conversation and I was left to wallow in my horniess. I guess the arousal eventually subsided becuase I grew sleepy and leaned my head towards the car door. Sylvia beside me and Mom in front of me in the passenger's seat were still talking as I drifted off into a doze.

Some time later I became aware Sylvia's leg was pressed against mine. Then I felt her hand resting on my thigh. She began to sort of massage my thigh through my jogging pants, slowly edging closer to my groin area. I opened my eyes and looked sideways at her but she was staring straight ahead into the lights of the oncoming traffic and still talking to my mom. At first I was a bit scared (yes, I admit it, scared) but then I guess the hornmones took over. Without saying anything I pressed back my leg against hers and let the exploration continue.

Shortly, her hand moved right onto my genitals. Once again I was hard as a rock. For the next several minutes her fingers explored around my groin, feeling through my jogging pants. She pressed gently against my scrotum and ran her cupped hand along my shaft from the base to the head. She built up a slow rhythm, sliding her hand up and down the shaft, her fingers curled around as far as she she could.

It did not take very long. The usual little thrills soon began to build into something much more intense, something I had never experienced before. For the first time in my life I began to build up to an orgasm. Suddenly the most instense pleasure swept over me. The feeling was so extreme I thought I would pass out. Then I 'went over the top' as my sex organs reached climax and began convulsing. Man, what a divine experience! Today, many years later, those few moments are still etched firmly in my psyche. I'll never, ever forget that first experience of orgasm.

I must have cried out or gasped loudly because my mom turned part way around in her seat and asked, 'Andy, what's the matter? Are you alright?' Sylvia quickly withdrew her hand and in the dark car, Mom couldn't see much. 'I must have been dreaming,' I told her. Sylvia resumed her animated conversation with Mom as though nothing had happened. I looked straight at her but she didn't look my way. Then I became aware that my undershorts were soaked with semen. I stuffed a kleenex into my pants to absorb some of the goo.

The rest of the trip was unreal. Sylvia ended her conversation with Mom and just sat looking straight ahead until we pulled up in front of her college residence, maybe a half hour later. She gave me a smile as she climbed out of the car and said, 'Good luck with the girls'. And then she was gone. 'What was Sylvia talking about, Andy? Do you have a girlfriend?' 'No, Mom, she was just kidding around.'

We arrived at my grandparents' house soon after. My head was still spinning and my undershorts very sticky. I don't remember what had the greater impact - experiencing my very first orgasm or having been masturbated by Sylvia. I wasn't very good company for my grandparents that night because I had only one thing in mind - I was so super horny I couldn't wait to get to bed so I could rub my penis like Sylvia had done so exquisitely. My grandma set up the hide-a-bed in the TV room for my brother and me. While he was taking a shower, I got to stoking my penis. What a glorious experience to feel the juices respond to my stroking hand. I spewed semen all over my belly but no lasting mess this time because (unlike wet dreams) I was awake to clean it up before Ted came back from the bathroom.

From that night forward I masturbated every day, often two or three times a day. It was hard to believe that somehow I had missed so much pleasure that was right there all the time, just waiting for my hand to do its thing. Needless to say, the wet dreams ended abruptly.


Post Script: I never saw Sylvia again. My dad was transferred to another state and we moved a few months later. Today, twelve years later, I masturbate almost daily, depending on circumstances. My live-in girlfriend and I regularly engage in mutual masturbation. Usually it happens during the evening while we are sitting on the sofa watching TV. One of us will reach over to the other and slowly start the action. These sessions are not like real love-making but in a sense they are, because we aim to bring each other to the peak of Pleasure Mountain. We usually remain on the sofa and just 'do' one another. How long it goes on depends on how boring the TV program is. She likes to be 'jilled' fairly quickly and sometimes wants repeats. As for me, she always begins by feeling my genitals through my pants until I am erect and then slowly, slowly brings me to orgasm. I love to shoot off into my underware and she really loves doing it.



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