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Oral With Anne

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Anne and I move on to oral sex

My last post told about Anne and I masturbating each other on our second date. Our next couple dates were similar, naked kissing, fondling, and mutual masturbation. We moved to my bed after our first two encounters.

As mentioned previously, she was a virgin and wasn’t ready to fuck yet, but she was enjoying making each other come. On one of our next dates I decided to see how she’d feel about something new. She was lying naked on her back on my bed. I leaned over to kiss her deeply on the mouth while massaging her breasts. Then I moved my mouth and started kissing her on the neck, which she really enjoyed. From there I moved over her chest to take a nipple in my mouth. She sighed and squirmed as  her nipple stiffened. I licked my way across to her other breast and gave it the same treatment. Then I moved my mouth lower, kissing my way down over her stomach. She made no move to stop me as my mouth reached her hairy bush so I used my hand to part the hair as I placed my mouth over her pussy.


“Oh God!” she moaned. I ran my tongue up over her pussy slit, tasting her wetness. There hadn’t been a problem with getting my previous girlfriend Carolyn’s pussy wet, but it took very little for Anne’s pussy juice to start flowing. I used my fingers to separate her labia and licked from her pussy hole to her swollen clit. She shuddered as she felt me touch her clitoris, and I concentrated on it, circling and licking across it with my tongue. I slid my middle finger into her pussy and moved it in and out and around, causing her to moan and groan louder than she had before. Suddenly her thighs squeezed against my face and I felt her pussy spasm as she came on my face. Her hips squirmed and her pussy pulsed and squished against my finger longer and more intensely than she had ever orgasmed before.

Finally she said, “ Stop! Stop! “ and pulled my face away as her after orgasm sensitivity was too intense. As I moved up alongside her I ran my hand up over her body and she shuddered because of the sensitivity. “Enjoy that?” I asked and she said, “Ohhh yeah. I’ve never felt anything like that.” From that point and throughout our long marriage, she never stopped enjoying my mouth on her pussy. She said it gave her the most intense orgasms.

She didn’t return the favor that day, but on our next date I had just eaten her out by her request and was laying on my back while she played with my cock and balls. On a previous date she had fondled my balls and decided she liked the feel so had added it to her handjobs. As she fondled me I looked at her face and saw a sexy, devious look in her eyes that I knew meant something interesting was on her mind. She leaned over and paused a second before kissing the head of my penis. She looked up at me as if to see if it was okay and she could tell I had no problem with it. Holding the base of my cock in her hand, she began gently kissing up and down my shaft. Precum was leaking heavily, and she looked up at me as she stuck out her tongue and started licking it off. Carolyn had given me blowjobs that I enjoyed, but Anne’s tongue was making me feel more aroused than I could ever remember. She stopped and held me in her hand as she stared at my cock, licking her lips. Then she opened her mouth and took the leaky tip into her mouth. She didn’t go any farther than the head, but she began sucking and licking it. Within seconds I gasped, “I’m coming!” She pulled her head away and jerked my cock as it erupted in one of the biggest load of semen I think I ever ejaculated.

She moved up next to me and we kissed deeply, tasting my precum and her pussy juice on our lips.

“Did I do alright?” she asked.

“Ohhh yeah,” I said.

We didn’t see each other for a couple days after that, but I masturbated several times to the memory of how her mouth felt on my cock. As time went on although she never would “deep throat” my whole penis she would take more in her mouth and got even more talented at using her tongue and lips on it. She got to be extremely good at oral and I was lucky enough to be the one she learned on.



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