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Only a Joke

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What started out as a joke had interesting results


It all started out as a joke, even though I really wasn't joking. Kay had asked what one of my favorite fantasies was. I told her I would love to masturbate in front of a group of women. I quickly added I was only joking. She gave me one of those looks like "yeah, right!" We started playing around and the subject was dropped, we had more important things to deal with.

About two days later I took off early from work and went over to Kay's house. Since she was expecting me, I wasn't surprised to find one of her notes taped to the front door. The note simply said, " Cum in baby, I've been waiting for you" There was so much perfume on the note it would have made a French whore blush! Then again, Kay was notorious for paying attention to detail. That was one of the things I loved about her.

I entered the bedroom and there she was in black fishnet stockings with a garter, and a smile. She told me to strip, and lay down. No arguments out of me! She laid on top of me and started kissing me. Things got hot real fast, which was typical. Before I knew what was going on she had tied my hands to strips of cloth coming from the 2 upper bedposts. I could tell by the look she gave me I was in for a real treat. I just went along with the game and let her tie my ankles. She then started playing with my cock, I was hard almost instantly. I was figuring on a long slow drawn out blow job, when she got up off the bed, turned towards the bathroom and said, " Come on out, he's ready".

The bathroom door opened and out came two women whom I'd never seen before. Here I am laying spread eagle tied to a bed with a hard on, and she introduces me to Jan and Celeste. Both of these women were in good shape, Jan in her early 40's and Celeste in her early 30's. Jan had sandy blonde hair, cut just above the shoulder with about a 34 D chest. Celeste was platinum blonde with about a 34 B. Both of them were beautiful and dressed only in bikini swimsuits.

I kind of figured out what Kay was up to, except I couldn't figure out how I was supposed to masturbate for these ladies with my hands tied. I didn't have to wait long for my answer. Kay told me the rules of the game. I was to remain tied. Each woman had 20 seconds to stroke my cock, then it was the next one's turn. This would continue until one of them made me cum. whoever made me cum I had to lick to orgasm. Once again, no arguments out of me. Kay was naked except for the stockings and garter, Jan and Celeste had to remain in their bikinis. I could see where this set up was going, but I didn't mind.

Jan went first, then Celeste, and then Kay, in that order. This rotation was to keep going until I came. Jan took hold of my cock and started stroking me slowly. The feeling of a strange hand was very exciting! She started saying things like "oh, yeah, your cock is so hard". I was just getting into it when I heard Kay say, " TIME!" "SHIT" I thought to myself. Before I had a chance to say anything, Celeste had crawled onto the bed and took hold of me. She was stroking me a little faster, which felt great, and started saying, " I can feel you getting bigger"; I started to rock my hips a little. Oh , yeah this was goooood! " TIME", "SHIT", this was starting to get frustrating. Kay took hold of my cock; not wanting to lose any ground and started shaking her tits in my face. " You know you want to cum for me baby". Oh god, she knows I love it when she talks dirty. "TIME" "God Dammit!" I could see they were clearly enjoying this. After about ten minutes of this I was straining at the end of each twenty-second session.

It was always the same, Jan and Celeste would work me up in hopes that Kay could make me cum. I'm sure they had this all planned in advance. If I knew Kay, she didn't want my tongue in any strange places.

Now it was Celeste's turn and she really turned up the heat. As she was stroking me, she bent over and rubbed her tits across my lips. I could see by Kay's expression this hadn't been part of the game plan. "TIME" Kay knew I was close, and she announced that the time would be increased to 30 seconds. She figured with the extra 10 seconds, this time she could make me blow. She got right down to business. She was jerking me fast, pushing her hard nipples to my lips and saying "Cum on baby, I want you to cum all over me." She kept stroking faster and faster. I was arching my back, straining against the restraints. I could feel my orgasm just getting ready, "TIME" "Ah, FUCK" that was Kay, not me. Now Jan climbed onto the bed. She looked me right in the eye and winked. I knew relief was on the way. Kay had changed the rules by going to 30 seconds, now Jan decided to change a few rules of her own.

She took hold of my cock and started stroking me like a jackhammer. "DAMN" I thought, where did this come from. Kay was starting to get agitated when she saw my reaction. The head of my cock turned a deep purple and swelled till it looked like the surface of a balloon. I was loving this. Then she took her other hand and pulled up her bikini top letting those 34 D's smack me in the face. I heard Kay say " YOU BITCH!" Celeste held her back and said it's only 15 seconds. Jan knew she had to work fast. Then Jan said " Cum on, cum all over my tits". I started bucking my hips; nothing was going to stop me this time. "Five Seconds" Celeste announced. With that Jan reached down and dragged her fingernails across my balls, stroking me even faster. Her hand was a blur. "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss" was all I managed. Jets of white hot cum shot from the end of my cock. Finally, finally was all I kept thinking. In reality I was straining and groaning so I could pump every last drop of cum out of my balls. I was drained. Kay was pissed! Jan was laughing. Celeste was smiling.

I never did get to lick Jan. She forfeited her prize to Kay. That didn't really bother me too much, I had one of the best hand jobs anyone could ever want and Kay has the sweetest pussy I ever tasted.



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