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One Saturday Night

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My college years


I was taking a shower one Saturday evening, alone in the dark, in the large shower in the dorm. I heard the door to the common bathroom open, and in walked a friend of mine. He walked over to the shower to check out who was there, and started talking when he saw me.

During my college years, I never went completely flacid, and was always semi erect. Even masturbating a couple times a day didn't take things down. That evening was no exception, and Dan notice. He looked at me and said 'you know, you are rather nicely hung.' Nobody ever objects to a comment like that, even if they aren't gay. But his next comment surprised me. 'You know, I've never sucked a guys cock.' Neither had I, and wasn't sure that I wanted to go that far, but the idea of doing something popped into my head.

I finished my shower, dried off, put on my robe and headed to my room, telling Dan to follow me.

When I got to the room, I dropped my robe, and told him that he should take his clothes off. He didn't hesitate, and took his shirt off, pants and then his briefs. We both sat on the bed, facing each other, cocks hard, pointing towards the ceiling. His cock was small, which surprised me. Maybe half the size of mine, but I knew from previous comments that he masturbated, and it got the job done.

I just wasn't ready for oral sex, and decided not to go there, but I wanted to play with his cock, and have him stroke me, so I grabbed his shaft and started to masturbate him. Gently, up and down, fondling his balls, feeling someone else's rigid cock in my hand for the first time at age 21.

It didn't take long. He looked at me and said 'you better stop. Much more and I'm going to squirt!' Well DUH! Wasn't that the whole idea? I wanted to see him come, wanted to make him come, and more wanted to finish so that he could play with MY cock, so I just kept right on going. Just a few more strokes and his cock shot all over his stomach and the bed. Beautiful!

I waited a minute, then sat back and said 'OK, now you do it.' He started to rub my knob, then massaged the shaft, slowly at first, then faster, rolling the skin over the head of my cock. I didn't last very long myself, and lost control as he pleasured me.

We cleaned up and got dressed. He had to meet someone, and I had to go too. We never talked about it, and never told anyone else. I've never masturbated another guy either. But the memory of that night has provided material for a lot of masturbation fantasies.



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