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One Night in the Summer of 2011

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I'm sorry for the LONG-TELLING of this story...


From my previous story: “My First Handjob”, you learned that I have a disability called: cerebral palsy. And what that means: Is all is well with my mind, it is just my body/muscles are different than the “normal”. There are things that I CAN and CAN’T DO but I know my boundaries and limitations.


Now my story (#2)...TRUE EVENTS occurred on the Summer of 2011.


It was my third-year of living independently on my own and LOVING EVERY MINUTE of it! At that time, I was living in “on-campus” housing of the one: Wyview Park Apartments and as being the only (then) 25 years-old (34 now) in the whole apartment complex; I was called “seniority” of the whole place, average age was 19 years.


Not only I was the oldest but at the time, I was the only one that live in the whole North side of the complex besides the “building hosts”; they lived in the same building as I was in but they were three stairwell down. All the others were on the North side of the complex..


Just so you have an idea at how BIG this is. The complex sits on 200 acres of land and there are 30 buildings and each building complex hold somewhere in the ballpark of 40-60 students each. I on one hand live in the building that was not in use, due to fewer students and it being spring/summer semesters, they only used six of the 30 buildings.


It was a weekday night and my Friend has just put me into bed for the night and all was quiet and my room door was open, along with all of the windows of the apartment. I also had no roommates living with me. So I was the “lone man” in a building that was not in used. The only lights was on were the full moon and streetlights outside.


It must been late in the night and I was hot, so I decided to strip off my top garments and right then I notice that I had the whole place to me, myself, and I. Right then and there; I strip off my bottoms garment and there I was...laying on my feather of a bed...butt naked!! With no care in the world…


By which, the time was 12:35am. And my hairy-hardon was at full mast by the breeze that was coming through the window of my room onto my hot-sweating body.


By which point, I couldn’t sleep and I turn and roll off my bed onto my knees to go to the livingroom to watch some TV and to see if I could catch some shut-eye on the couch. Then out of the corner of my eye, I notice my power-chair charging and this great idea pop into my head, the idea had me precuming flowing out and couldn’t stop. I then got off the couch and crawled to my chair, took off the charger and I had to try to drive/parked the front end to the the couch. I had done this many times before (another story to tell at a later date), so it was easy and in record time. The hardest part was getting my sweating body onto my chair.


The couch could sit at most 5-6 people and it was also polyester/cotton cloth, not leather which it would have been harder. I then proceeded to get on one end of the couch, therefore laying down so my upper-body was near the chair. My hardon was still going strong, I try not to hump the couch that much as I got up onto my knees to crawled where my chair was. At this point, I got onto my chair and with a few slapping of my dick on my legs and a move of my butt back. I was in my power-chair. I turned the TV off and went into my closet to get my robe that I had hanging onto my body and making sure that the robe was all the way down AND covered my nakedness up. I then wheeled to the key-pad to open the door and with that I was out with bare foot and all WITH ONLY a tied-robe on.


As soon I got out, I saw a deserted and empty parking-lot, there were no cars around except the “building host”l; right then and there, my horniness became stronger and stronger that I had to unrobe myself to let my dick out because one rub on the robe, I would have exploded right there.


I then drove out to the middle of the parking-lot/street and the breeze came over me to blow the sweat off from my body and to calm my “mini-me” down. It worked somewhat but I began to drive off and away from my apartment door. I proceeded to dive out the West end of the complex then proceed to drive South.


Before I gotten to the used complex, I covered myself again. There is a sports field South of the apartments where BYU Students played intramural sports on of baseball to flag-football. I then pass through the gates to the parking-lot. I raced over to the grass to get away from the streetlights, so no one from the main road couldn’t see me. As I got to the grass, I then uncovered, again exposing my hardon and dropping the robe off from my shoulders to let air in my armpits.


I then turned my speed up on my chair, then raced to the middle of the field. Hearing my robe flapping in the wind was great but feeling the wind through my hair, my whole entire body was awesome enough, but what even more exhilarating was the fact that feeling the cool air blowing up my legs, right to my “heavy” balls felt so good that I drove around that field a good 5-minutes straight. Enjoying every second of it…


I then stop right in a dark area of the field with only the light from the stars above and moon shines brightly over my nude body of mine with the robe hanging off my shoulders. I FELT FREE…


I then lean the back of my chair, all the way down, that I was laying down. I was basically laying free eggeling-style with both of my legs, feet, and all 10 toes; Altogether with both arms, hands, and all 10 fingers stretching to the Heavens above. Thoughts began rolling through my mind for a good-solid twenty five minutes past by. As I sat there, in my power-chair, I took in the panoramic view of the football stadium and the rugged mountain range as its backdrop, along with Mount Timpanogos to the North was just magnificent and just breath-taking to see.


I  began to head back, still uncovered, I got passed the used complex and the Central Building of the apartment complex that I THOUGHT I was in the home stretch….Until, I saw my neighbors!


I quickly notice them that I hid behind the garbage dumpster that was just 20 yards away from my apartment’s door. At this moment, I was scared shitless but also my excitement of being caught got the best of me that my hardon was back at full mast yet again. I then covered my body but not my dick, due to leaking precuming. As they were getting ready to leave, I stayed hidden from their view. As they were backing out, my nerves kicked in. As they pass the dumpster, I began to roll the opposite direction making sure that I wasn’t seen.


Once inside of my own apartment, my heavy-breathing began to ease off. I then jumped onto the couch to get off my chair. I parked my chair to charge it.


It was 4:45am on my clock in my room. I took the robe off, still smelling dry precum on it. I knew I had to relieve myself from the goodness of a powerful orgasum that was about to string over my body.


I lay on my stomach, on the carpet with my side of my head on the bed. Ready, I knew that this would be fast, so I did the “edging method”. I did this for awhile, humping the robe that was on a pillow. With every wait, I knew that this would loud, but I knew that I had the whole building to myself!! After minutes...It was time to let it GO...With a few more humps...I climax up…


All I could remember was the tension in my whole body was lock in my legs. It was so powerful that I was riding that pillow. My hardon blow up, it was the strongest EVER because I had 10-12 ropes came out of my pee hole. All of which, landed on the pillow.


I then cleaned up, threw the “loaded” rube into the dirty laundry and crawled my tired body to my walk-in shower to turn the shower on. I then took a quick shower and was out within minutes, due to the nurse coming within hours to get me up.

After I dried myself, I crawled back to my bed and was in dream-world in no time...



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