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One Man's Masturbation History

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One Man's Masturbation HistoryUnlike many parents, my Dad encouraged me to masturbate as a teenager. That fact, I think, saved me from a lot of guilty feelings that many teenage boys have. Not that he said that I should do it probably as much as I did, but he told me that it felt very good, and that he still did it sometimes when Mom had to work the graveyard shift. My parents encouraged abstinence, and wisely recommended that as a way to "relieve" myself.About a year after "the talk" with my Dad, I had my first orgasm (I was 13 or so). I wasn't even masturbating. I was laying in bed fantasizing about my best friend's sister, and all of a sudden, I had a funny feeling, followed by a wet spot in my underpants. After that, of course, I couldn't stop. Every night before I went to sleep, I would lay there and beat off through my underwear. Looking back, I can only wonder how Mom must have reacted when she was doing my laundry. She never said a word, though. Eventually, I realized that it felt a lot better to actually touch myself, rather than having that layer of fabric in between. Those days did leave one lasting effect - I have sort of a masturbatory underwear fetish. It's not one of those internet "Look at men in their underwear" things. I get aroused looking at myself in different underwear - different colors, textures, bikinis, briefs, boxer- briefs, etc. I was recently married, and at first, my wife thought that my "underwear collection" was really strange. She has come around, though, and of course, she doesn't mind looking at me in different kinds of underwear, either.My first mutual masturbation experience was with a girl I worked a summer job with. We had dated the entire summer, but she refused to touch my penis. I did everything imaginable to her the whole summer - masturbated her, gave her oral sex, the whole 9 yards - but my pants always stayed on. The last night before my senior year of high school though, was the big night. We were laying on the floor at her parents house, and we did our usual thing, but I dropped a hint and unzipped my shorts. This was the moment I had been DYING for all summer. A girl was actually going to touch my cock. She tentatively took the hint. Of course I was ready to explode, and as soon as I felt her hand on the head of my penis, I came all over her hand, my clothes, and the floor. It was well worth it, though. What a feeling!Anyway, my wife is the one who works nights like my Mom did 15 years ago - and I'm the one jacking off when my wife's away, not my Dad. Funny how things work out.--Anonymous



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