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One Lazy Summer

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The summer that I was 12, it was kind of a lazy, laid back time. I lived way out in the country, and used to hang out with several guys-I was the only girl in the bunch. Sometimes we would go down to the creek-we were so far out in the middle of nowhere that absolutely nobody could see us.

The guys started getting bold and taking their shorts off to swim-they didn't really think much of it-country folks did that a lot back then, anyway. I was already going into puberty and was masturbating quite a lot-seeing guys naked like that didn't hurt my feelings any. I decided to take my shirt off one day-my breasts were just starting to grow, but when I exposed my naked top, a couple of the guys, when they looked at me, started to get hard-ons. I was so amazed at seeing their erect penises like that, and it made me feel like a woman to see them get stiff while looking at my small boobs. Their penises looked so handsome sticking up in the air like that, and I knew I was making them do that.

I decided to go ahead and just take my jeans off and swim with them naked-my pubic hair was starting to grow in, and I had a nice little triangle of brown hair there already-it felt so free and liberating to just be naked, exposed to the fresh air and sunshine, with nobody around to see us or be critical of us. Sometimes all four of the guys would be stiff when they were around me naked.

Finally one day, the oldest guy in the bunch, Chris, who was 14, asked me what I was going to do about the fact that I made them stiff like that. He asked me if I would do something to make their penises quit being hard like that, and I said I would, if they would do something for me, too. Chris said, ok, it's a deal. My clit had just been throbbing looking at their hard-ons, and I needed some relief, too.

There were four guys in the bunch-Chris, who was 14, Billy, who was 13, Tim, who was 12, and Tom, who was only 10. Chris said that since he was the oldest that I should do him first-I said, ok. He stood up and I knelt down in front of him and started to pull the foreskin back and forth across the head of his dick-he was kind of dark-skinned and had a a fair amount of pubic hair already. His dick was so hard that it would barely bend down at all-as I gripped his foreskin and pulled it back and forth across the swollen head, he kind of winced and pretended that it didn't feel good-I knew it did, though, and I was fascinated by the feel of his hardness in my hand, the rubbery feel of his foreskin, and the feel of his hanging balls that I explored with my other hand. All of a sudden, without warning, these long streams of come started to shoot out, and I could feel the spasms in his penis that were pushing the semen out. He just looked down real stoically and didn't make a sound-this was the way he orgasmed each time-I couldn't understand how he could have so much pleasure and not moan or close his eyes. I think he was trying to be a tough guy.

Tim was next-he was kind of a slightly built kid, but his dick was definitely out of proportion to the rest of his body-I think I liked looking at him the most. He had the most foreskin covering the head, and after a while I got to where I would pull it way back as far as it would go and spit on the head so that it would be lubricated, and I would grip the slippery head and grip it tight, going up and down on it very fast until he orgasmed. He would moan as I was doing this and tell me how good it felt-when he came he would close his eyes tight and moan-only a small little ball of semen about the size of a marble would form at tip during his orgasm-I could feel strong spasms in his penis as he came, but not much would shoot out yet at his age.

The first time we had our session, Tom jumped forward and wanted to be next-he had no pubic hair yet, but his dick was at least as hard as the other guys-actually very handsome-he was circumcised-and his balls pulled up tight against him when he was hard-he sighed a lot and told me how good it felt when I was jerking him-when he came he closed his eyes tight and moaned real loud-nothing at all came out of the head, and I couldn't feel any spasms, but he obviously felt a lot of pleasure when he came.

The first time we did it, Billy was the last, and this guy was a classic premature ejaculator. I would barely touch him and that was it-'Oh, God', he'd say, and this huge amount of semen would just gush and gush out-only a few strokes and he was ejaculating. He almost always orgasmed right away.

After all of the guys had come, I told them that I expected them to make me come-I pulled back the hood of my clit and showed Chris how to dip his finger in my cunt and get some of the wetness and rub it over the tip, or just rub the shaft hard and vigorously covered by the hood. Each dude took turns with me, and Tim took the initiative and shoved his middle finger into my vagina-I had already broken my hymen riding a horse, and I loved the feeling of him fucking me with his finger. I kept saying, 'Oh, fuck, yea, good' and a couple of the guys started getting wood again watching me feel pleasure like that. Each guy would take turns with me and I would come at least twice before we were through.

We made this a routine whenever we would go down to the creek, most of that one summer. We never got into intercourse or anything like that, but sometimes one of the guys would suck on my titties while I masturbated another dude, or while one guy was masturbating me with his finger.

My virginity would get lost a lot later down the line, though...

I still masturbate thinking back on that sexy summer and how erotic it was. It's kind of hard to forget, actually.



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