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One Last Time

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Doing it one last time where it all began....


Growing up we were lucky enough to live in a reasonably big house. It was originally a 3 bedroom but an extension had been put on giving the house a 4th bedroom which meant that everyone had their own bedrooms and didn’t have to share. Not that I would have minded sharing with my sister, given we were twins we spent most of our time in each others rooms anyway. After I moved in with my boyfriend and my sister ended up moving in with us it just left my mum, that was until my brother moved back in with her. For a while it was just the two of them but then he eventually moved in with his girlfriend leaving just my mum. For a while she stayed there but soon realised that she had way too much space for just her and was talking about selling up and downsizing. Her best friend, my aunt jane, suggested moving in with her as she had a spare room and it would be fun to have the company of her best friend and if she found she didn’t like it she could always look for somewhere of her own. My mum thought about it and decided it was a brilliant idea.

Given that my husband and I are in property we offered to buy the house from her to save her having to go through the process of selling it herself and it meant she would get the best price for it instead of having to wait for offers. We helped her move out and it was fun going through all the things and finding things from my childhood. We moved out all of her personal belongings first and then she decided what furniture she wanted to take with her and the rest she was leaving for us to use as we wished. We loaded up the furniture into the van and Matt and my mum set off with that leaving me to do a few things there before following down with my mum’s belongings which were in my landrover.

I went around doing some final checks before leaving and came to my old room. I walked in and it felt surreal seeing it empty apart from a few bits of furniture. I sat down on the bed and memories of all the things I had done in that room came flooding to me. The hours spent playing with my sister, the happy memories of my Dad putting me to bed and reading to me, the times spent at my desk doing homework and stressing over revision for exams, so many other memories making me smile and laugh to myself. I laid back on the bed reminiscing and after a few minutes something else crossed my mind. This was where I discovered masturbation, this was where I had had my first orgasm, the first of many.

I thought about that moment, my sister and I discovering masturbation together and discovering how good it felt and how we had touched ourselves but always stopped until the day we went all the way and had our first orgasms. I noticed that thinking about it had gotten my pussy wet and she was throbbing away in my knickers remembering those times. I laid there enjoying the feeling and then realised that after today apart from moving furniture and decorating this wouldn’t be my room anymore. We already had a family in mind to move in so it would be a quick turn around. I looked around and a thought crossed my mind. Why not have one last orgasm in this room, one last bang to celebrate. I slid off my pants and laid there letting my pussy throb in anticipation. I gently teased her through my knickers getting her worked up until I couldn’t ignore her any longer and slid my hand down into my knickers and rubbed my clit. I built up the pleasure until I was writhing around and I let myself edge.

I stopped and let myself calm down before going back to rubbing my throbbing clit. I edged her over and over, making her throb and beg for release. Each edge I thought about some of the fantasies I used to have as a horny teen wanking my pussy whenever I had the chance. Some of the naughty thoughts about my teachers, my friends, some of the things I discovered online, trying out things for myself. All those naughty things I did as a teen which in comparison to now are quite tame but at the time were the naughtiest thing ever.

It wasn’t long before I was squirming and writhing across the bed begging aloud to cum, I needed it so badly. My pussy was aching so badly for that release. I thought one last time about the very first time I experienced that wonderful rush of pleasure followed by the explosive sensations of orgasm and let myself tip over the edge. I moaned out loud that I was cumming and let the feelings consume my body leaving me shaking and trembling.

Just one didn’t seem like much of a celebration so I quickly went back to rubbing my pussy and soon brought myself to another orgasm, this one so much more intense than the first one. I screamed, I moaned, I whimpered, I giggled...I made sure the last time was a good one. When I had finished cumming I laid there catching my breath and letting myself calm down feeling the wonderful post orgasm tingles between my legs. Eventually I mustered the energy to pull my knickers back into place and pull my pants back on. I stood up, smiling at the thought of what I had just done and then another thought entered my mind, before I truly gave up ownership of my old room perhaps I should bring my husband there to enjoy it properly one last time. Give the bed one last use before we got rid of it for a new one ;)



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